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Expand your Comfort Zone!

comfort zone

These last few weeks have found me doing things that are way out of my comfort zone. I have come onboard of Woman of Many Roles and I took my first(and probably last) wedding photo’s. Those are pretty major leaps for me! Both of those took some thought and work before I said yes to either one. I think I am so afraid of failing that I don’t stop to think that it just might be possible that I wouldn’t fail. But then I had to ask myself, “What exactly is failing, for me? What is it that I am so afraid of?”

Well, for the wedding photo’s it was that I wouldn’t do a good job. Maybe cut a head off here and there. I didn’t agree to take the pictures because I thought I would do a great job. In fact, I tried to find every excuse not to do it. The bride was really nice, and explained that if I couldn’t do it as a gift to them, they wouldn’t have any wedding pictures. They are family, after all! Well, I agreed after explaining that I am not a professional photographer. They weren’t going to have perfect magazine ready photos! I did get a few good pictures, and I think everyone is happy with the results, but I didn’t do a good job. However, I didn’t fail. In fact, I learned a great deal about my camera, lighting, and what not to do! That is a success for me, if not for my photography.

Coming onboard here at Woman of Many Roles is scary for me too. I am terrified of people! Actually, it’s more that I am terrified that people won’t like me. I am quite shy until you get to know me and then I am extremely talkative. Here I am, 2 weeks into it and I haven’t had a bad encounter yet! I have had tons of fun, and learned a copious amount of things. I haven’t really met many new people yet, but that’s coming. I still have learning to do before I can say I am a blogger, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I have to look back on these last few weeks and wonder just how many things have I been afraid to try in my life because I was scared to fail? How many opportunities have I missed out on? I think I am going to spend some time trying to expand my comfort zone. Maybe it’s just saying “Hi” to a stranger, or just smiling at first. I would like to challenge everyone to take a moment and consider pushing the limits on your comfort zone at least once a week. Just something small, but something you normally wouldn’t do. Pick up a camera, a pen, a spatula. Make a new friend, try a new food. You never know where you might find enjoyment!        Tammy

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