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Essential BBQ Tips for the Best Corporate BBQ Ever

The summer is near and with it the delicious barbeque season. Food in the outdoors just tastes great from the delicious lamb chops to the sizzling skewers, mashed potatoes with grandma’s twist to the chilling lemonade.

Cooking in the outdoors while enjoying nature is one of the luxuries of living and Australians particularly enjoy the activity. 63.7 per cent of Australian household own a barbeque, whereas the number in country SA is as high as 75.6 per cent. Australia is also the hub of BBQ corporate parties.

If you are going to host a corporate BBQ, our barbeque tips can make the next party a moment to remember. Here are our tips.

  • Bring the Meat to Room Temperature

Throwing a cold piece of meat on the grill will cook the outside of the meat while the inside will remain raw. It is best to take the meat out of the freezer and allow it to cool 1 hour prior to cooking. Experienced cooks usually take the meat out a few hours before and apply marinade and seasoning and let it rest aside before cooking.

  • Use the Right Tools

Having the right utensils and accessories for the barbeque is essential. You cannot use your kitchen utensils in a BBQ as most of them do not provide adequate distance from the flame. BBQ utensils have long handles that keep you away from the flame while allowing you to stir the food. You should invest in BBQ tools such as long-handled tings, long-handled spatula, paper towels, skewers, grill basket, grill brush, aluminium foils, basting brush, and a meat thermometer.

  • Cooking Ingredients

Cooking ingredients are as essential as the tools themselves, you need to make a list and tend to it that every item is bought in time. Some items on the list can be bought in advance while others would have to be bought fresh from the farmers market. Have a separate list for items that can be picked from the supermarket and items that need to be bought fresh in the morning. Missing a few items can be disastrous for a dish. Unless you are experienced in hosting corporate BBQ parties, I recommend you hire a BBQ catering service provider who takes care of the meat for you while you attend to other essential stuff.

  • Preheat the Barbeque

If you are cooking meat or fish, it is necessary that you preheat the BBQ or you will not derive the perfect grill lines on the meat. If the grills are not heated, the chances of the meat sticking to the grill also increase. Preheating the grill is also necessary to obtain the perfect crust on the meat. Heat the barbeque 10-15 minutes prior to cooking.

  • Grease the Grill

Another way of preventing the meat from sticking to the grill is by brushing it with oil. Apply the oil on a heated grill with the help of paper towels and a pair of tongs. The oil will help prevent the meat and other food from stick to the grill while providing the perfect grill lines on the cooked food.

  • Use the Right Fuel

Lighter fluid is an absolute no after you have burnt the barbeque. It is highly combustible and leaves a residue on the food that could leave a bitter aftertaste. There are mainly two types of BBQ – gas and charcoal. Keep a stock of the fuel before you start the corporate barbeque. Nothing could be more embarrassing than running out of fuel amidst the party.

  • Keep A Chimney Starter

An essential tool for those using a charcoal barbeque, the chimney starter will greatly influence the heating speed of the BBQ. It will allow you to reach the optimum cooking temperature in no time. Have this by your side and you do not have to worry about reaching high temperature needed for cooking some food.

  • Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat is a tricky business, you can cook the outside, even burn it, while the meat might not cook all the way through. Using a meat thermometer, you can check if the inside of the meat is cooked. This will not only ensure that you have a beautifully cooked delicious piece of meat but also your guests will be away from stomach problems.

With these 8 essential BBQ tips for the best corporate BBQ, you can be confident that your guests will have a joyful evening and remember you and the day. However, if you are not experienced, there are plenty of BBQ catering service provides in Australia who can assist you with the food. As they are experienced, you can relax and be assured that the best food will be delivered to your guests.