Essential Advice for Recently Divorced Women
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Essential Advice for Recently Divorced Women

Getting divorced is a highly stressful time, especially when you have to worry about the custody and care of your children. There’s often a great deal to think about throughout this divorce process, which can prevent you from looking too far into the future. Once the dust settles and papers are filled, you may begin to feel overwhelmed as a newly single parent, but taking things one step at a time can help you keep things under control. This is especially true when it comes to finances and running a household on your own.

With this in mind, here are several bits of essential advice for recently divorced women:

Develop an Actionable Budget

It’s not going to do any good to create an unrealistic budget, which is what you’ll be doing if you rely on the budget you shared with your ex-spouse. Instead, you’ll have to start a budget from scratch, comparing your current expenses against all of your income sources. This will help you to avoid having to depend on quick cash loans and credit cards to make ends meet between paychecks. With this in mind, your budget should allow you to put away some money each month for emergency expenses and other considerations.

It’s Your House Now

You and your children have been thrown into chaos by the changes to the family dynamic, so restoring a sense of order is important for everyone. As soon as you’re settled in your home, you should develop a new routine, which you’ll expect everyone in the household to follow. This should include a routine for getting ready each morning and preparing for bed each night. Additionally, enforce rules that you feel are important, which may be different from the rules that were followed in the previous family dynamic.

When Household Problems Arise

As a recently divorced woman, you may not be especially handy with using tools around the house. Just like with anything else, this will be a learning process and you may often have to learn on the fly. Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical emergencies don’t often happen during normal business hours, but searching for home improvement tips online can help you cope with a home emergency. Even if you can’t repair the problem, you may be able to mend it until a professional can fix it.

Avoiding Additional Household Problems

You should also consider inviting technicians, such as HVAC experts or electricians, to come into the home and evaluate its condition. This will give you an opportunity to discover situations that may cause future problems, so you can prepare to have those issues addressed. This will also give you a chance to learn about the individual systems that run your home. Don’t be afraid to watch the technicians work and ask questions. This will help you become better prepared to handle future emergencies.

Think About Your Future

Even if you had a career of your own, your spouse may have taken care of investments and savings. For this reason, it may be beneficial to take a course that teaches personal finances for single moms. In addition to your monthly expenses and a savings account for emergencies, you’ll have to prepare for your future. Your children will likely need help with college, buying a car, and other big-ticket expenses. Additionally, you’ll have to prepare for your own future, which means preparing for retirement, illness, and adult care. It may also be worthwhile to consult an investment advisor about these concerns to help you prepare.

The important thing is that you don’t let yourself get too frustrated or stressed by your new situation. Rather than only seeing it as a marriage ending in failure, look at divorce as an opportunity to start a new path. You may find it helpful to join a support group for newly single moms or take college courses that will help you better manage your home and finances. Once you get a better handle on those big concerns, you’ll find that your new life has the potential for positive growth.

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