Encourage Self Feeding with Nuby Plates
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Encourage Self Feeding with Nuby Plates

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Toddlers. Gotta love them! Especially all the fun messes that comes with being a toddlers. Carly Jo’s favorite time to make a mess is a dinner time. She loves to attempt to feed herself and using big girl dishes. Especially her Nuby Plates!

nuby plates

About Fun Feeding Section Plates:

  • Embossed character design
  • Great for snacks, meals, parties, picnics and general use.
  • Durable enough to use again and again
  • Perfect for travel!
nuby plate
Okay, not sure why she’s looking at me like that. But it’s funny!

My Thoughts:

I can promise you one thing for sure. These plates are very durable!! They can with stand MANY drops to the floor. That’s Carly Jo’s sign that she’s done. Whatever food is leftover along with the dishes end up on the floor. She’s ready to play!   They are her favorite plates to use. If I give her a different plate you can guess what happens to it…yep on the floor. (Gotta love toddlers!) I think there are several things she loves about the plates. They have bright colors and of course the cute embossed character designs. The best part is I can stick one in the diaper bag when we go to Nana’s house. Now I no longer have to worry about her throwing her Nana’s plates on the floor. Because believe me it will happen!!


nuby plate
Look at those designs. Aren’t they cute?

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28 thoughts on “Encourage Self Feeding with Nuby Plates

  1. love when my daughter actuallys get some food down her rather than all over the floor, ceiling and me

  2. I always encourage self feeding. My son has been able to help himself a little bit since he was 6 months.

  3. I try to encourage self feeding as much as possible – it takes a lot of patience sometimes! keep up the good work, moms & dads! 🙂

  4. well its usually total chaos but my son (18mo) is doing much better with keeping things neat. we’re working on utensils though

  5. my 2 yr old is in the process of self feeding hes doing really well aside from the spoon but he seems to enjoy trying to feed others rather then himself lol

  6. when my youngest grandson was about 2 he ate a penny thinking it was halloween candy that he got for halloween

  7. When my daughter was a baby she would throw her plate on the floor to let you know she was done. Every time.

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  9. Wow….we just became great grandparents and our great granddaughter is just 5 weeks old so so far…not feeding issues…

  10. haven’t had any experience yet, my wife is currently pregnant with our first child, so i will find out soon! lol

  11. When I cook dry foods, I let my daughters (2 and 5) try to feed themselves. When I cook something with sauce or soup or anything that is wet, I feed them because it WILL get messy. LOL. 🙂

  12. It’s a love/hate relationship with self feeding. My little guy LOVES eating and then like you said, throwing it all off when he is done. I’m just happy he is a great eater and it’s nothing a few (or more!) paper towels can’t handle!

  13. Honestly loved seeing them learn to self feed. Hoping this one will be just as easy as the others were. The mess is not the most fun but eehh comes with the territory.

  14. My daughter isn’t quite interested yet in self feeding. Sometimes she seems to want my food, but if I give her a little bit of it I think she decides its tastes bad and then she goes back to playing.

  15. My two year old dows a pretty good job but he still tends to get food everywhere. My husband puts a yowel underneath where he sits.

  16. My almost 2 year old son loves to feed himself and be independent about everything. Majority of the time the food ends up more on himself than in his mouth, but that’s a toddler for you.

  17. My 2 year old old is learning to use super ware lol. I let home anything we are even if it is messy. He only has one child hood and he learns different textures of food so it helps him not be so picky in the later years :-). But he always breaks the hard plastic plates

  18. I’m a very neat person so I haven’t ever given our 21 month old spaghetti to feed himself because I knew he’d get horrifically messy. SO, one day, against my better judgement, I gave him some. Needless to say, it was EVERYWHERE and I was horrified. It took forever to clean up!

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