Eclipse Curtains
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Eclipse Curtains

Currently all four my kids are struggling with the fact that it’s 8pm (bed time) and it’s light eight outside. Bedtime is a mess! Eclipse curtains has been a huge help! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Eclipse Blackout curtains offer a similar light blocking strength to Absolute Zero, but instead of pitch blackness, there is some light penetration through the panel.  Blackout curtains also provide the maximum amount of privacy, considerable noise reduction, and significant energy savings.  This light blocking level is recommended for kids’ bedrooms, living rooms, dens, playrooms, or any room where you may want the appearance of darkness, while still having enough light to navigate throughout the room. Blackout curtains are also the perfect choice on windows that tend to radiate heat, as they provide optimal thermal protection without creating a pitch black environment.

My Thoughts:

For the first time in almost 14 years my husband and I our buying a house! I am so excited because I can decorate my rooms however I want and do whatever I want to my house. It’s a very exciting power that I never that I would get to experience. At least not anytime soon.

I have decided that every room in my house is going to have some eclipse curtains. They have been a lifesaver for getting my kids to bed. They block out the light, so even thought it’s light outside the room is dark. They have designs that will fit whatever theme or decor idea I may have. Like these curtains are going to go into my youngest sons room. He’s going to have a mickey mouse theme and I think these blue circles will fit perfectly! I can’t wait to share with you guys pictures of my new house when I get set up in a month or so. So please stay tune. 

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