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Easter Craft – Bunny Handprint


My kids and I LOVE to do crafts. We typically spend one hour a day doing something for Craft Time, whether it’s making bracelets, headbands, a new recipe or making crafts to decorate for the upcoming holiday. I hope your kiddos love this Easter Craft using their hand to make this Bunny Handprint!


 Construction Paper

Crayola Washable Paint

Eyes (if available)


This one is super easy and great for kiddos of all ages!

  1. Paint the palm and finger, excluding the thumb, in either white, gray or brown paint. Afterall, those are the colors bunnies are, right?!? You don’t want a glob of paint on there, but, you don’t want to be skimpy with it either.
  2. Next place the pinky and ring fingers together and the pointer and middle finger together in a “V” like manner. These will be making the bunnies ears.
  3. Finally, place your child’s hand on the construction paper ensuring to press firmly.
  4. Once the paint dries you can glue on the eyes.
  5. If you don’t have eyes to glue on have your child color some in along with the nose, whiskers and mouth.
  6. Last take some pink paint for the middle of the ears.

I added “Hoppy Easter” to ours! You can do the same if you’d like or just leave your bunny alone…it’s all up to you 😉

And you are done! See that was the easiest Easter Craft you’ve ever done. Now I will warn you: once you do this with your child s/he will want to keep making them. So by all means have them make Easter Cards for family and friends!

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