Easter Bunny Craft for Toddlers
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Easter Bunny Craft for Toddlers

Easter is near and my kids are thrilled with the prospect of the Easter Bunny dropping by with baskets of treats for them! After hearing all about the Easter Bunny and the Bunny Trail from my 3 year old I decided to craft a bunny with her to encourage her to continue to talk about the Easter Bunny and all of the fun that Easter brings to little ones!

This craft project is awesome for several reasons. It requires practically no supplies other than construction paper and glue (and a pink pom pom if you have one on hand! If not construction paper will work) and it is easy and fun!

To prepare for our craft I cut heads out of white paper, and also long bunny ears.  I also cut pink strips to add to the ears. With black construction paper I cut out eyes, a smile and whiskers. We were ready to begin!

The first step is to glue the white ears onto the bunny head.

Next glue the pink strips on the bunny ears.

Next add the eyes.

And the cute little nose!

Now give your bunny a little smile.

Add whiskers to your bunny.

And now you have a cute bunny to welcome Easter to your house!

Do your kids love to make Easter crafts? I would love to hear about your favorite way to welcome Easter to your house!

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