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Dress in Style With WhoopTee!


I am not the typical girl who loves to dress up in fancy shirts and dresses. I rarely put make up on. I dress to look good and to be comfortable. Being comfortable is the important part! The common piece of clothing in my word robe are t-shirts. I love them! To me they can look good and be very comfortable. It’s all about the design.


I started blogging in January and it has become a true passion of mine. I enjoy it and I am very proud of what I do. So naturally I want to show off what I have done. WhoopTee has made showing my blog off easier and comfortable. They custom design t shirts  sweatshirts, and hoodies. I received a white t shirt with my logo on it. Just on the very first day of wearing the shirt I had three different people ask me about Woman of Many Roles. Not only did the shirt help get the word out there but it was also very comfortable to wear. The material used was very soft and sturdy! My daughter pulled on the shirt several times to get my attention while I was talking to someone and it did not rip or even acted like it wanted to.

Overall I was very pleased with my shirt. It fit great, was comfortable, and got the word out about Woman of Many Roles. If you order now from Whooptee you can have free shipping until December 17!!

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11 thoughts on “Dress in Style With WhoopTee!

  1. I like the fact that you can create your own tee and that they provide you with templates to help you with your design if needed.

  2. they have a variety of shirts and hoodies, and you can have customized printing done on them

  3. Visit Whooptee and leave a comment about something you liked or learned. WhoopTee guarantees our work.

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  5. Very awesome, I love personalized tees. It is also nice to see the wide variety of colors available. So many places only offer white.

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