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Downy Wrinkle Plus Spray Review

As a busy mom, I know all to well the reality that wrinkles happen. I try my best to take care of our laundry as soon as it is ready and to hang or fold it promptly to keep our clothes looking great but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

When I got to try Downy Wrinkle Plus Spray, I was really thrilled! I love Downy products but can a spray really eliminate wrinkles?

Downy Wrinkle Plus Spray Review

It seems like our t shirts are often the most wrinkled articles of laundry and with 3 kids we have a lot of t shirts in the mix of laundry. So naturally this is what I tried Downy Wrinkle Plus Spray in Clean Linen scent on right away.

I sprayed the product on a favorite t shirt. I was impressed with the smell  It was very pleasant and fresh, just like smelling clothes dried in the sun from the line! I followed the instructions and was thrilled to find the t shirt was smooth and it looked great!

Downy Wrinkle Plus Spray Review

The product works because it relaxes wrinkles and creases in the fabric. All you have to do is tug on the article of clothing a little and the wrinkles fall away!

I think this is a must have product for anyone that doesn’t want to wear wrinkled clothes. I know I will be adding this to our must have travel products- you know how badly clothes can wrinkle in a suitcase. I have a feeling that this product will change the way we look when we are on the road or at home!

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