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The Downy Ball Review

I love to use fabric softener in my laundry but I don’t have a dispenser for it on my washing machine. For a while I was trying to catch the cycle of laundry and add my fabric softener to it, but that never worked out as planned because my washing machine locks once to cycle begins, so to add softener I had to stop the machine, wait for it to unlock and then add fabric softener and restart the laundry at the right setting. What a bunch of hassle that was! Then I realized that there is a better way to do this!

The Downy Ball is maybe the most genius laundry tool ever invented. If you don’t know what it is or how it works, please let me tell you all about this little ball of awesome.


The Downy Ball is the solution if your washing machine doesn’t have a built in dispenser for fabric softener. You simply add your Downy to it, toss it in the machine and start your load of laundry. You don’t have to try to time the cycle to add it or worry about it at all. The self timed ball will release your Downy at the right time without any effort from you.

How does it work? Well, I was pretty curious so I turned to google and found that Newton’s first law of motion is how the Downy Ball releases liquid at the right time. How wonderfully scientific this little ball is!


If you need a solution for adding Downy fabric softener to your laundry, I highly recommend the Downy Ball. It is affordable, incredibly easy to use and it works! I love how soft my laundry feels and how good it smells when I add the Downy Ball it!


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