Don’t Stress the Mess
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Don’t Stress the Mess

School is out and summer has begun. The kids are excited. The teachers are excited (maybe very excited). The moms are excited. No more waking up early and rushing out the door. There is a whole new world and activities to be explored. Along with this new freedom comes one disadvantage…added messes. Rejuvenate Products aims to make a mom’s life a little easier with the new Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experiences are all personal and true (like always)!

The Click n Clean is a revolutionary mop system that saves you time by seamlessly transitioning between various surfaces to provide a professional clean in just minutes!

Click n Clean Highlights

  • This floor cleaner system includes spray mop, microfiber cleaning pad, microfiber dusting pad, 32oz Floor Cleaner, 3 bottle adapters and FREE BONUS click-on grout brush
  • The cleaning products bottle adapters converts Rejuvenate bottles into a refill floor cleaner cartridge
  • Easy click-on button connects the grout brush in one simple click
  • The directional mist nozzle evenly spreads cleaner over the floor surface
  • The mop’s flexible swivel head joint allows the floor mop to glide easily over and floors and maneuver under tight spaces
  • The comfortable ergonomic power grip helps reduce hand & arm fatigue
  • Rewash and reuse the microfiber floor cleaner and duster pads over and over by washing in cold water with a gentle soap and then air dry
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

My summer days are spent making sure four kids ages from one to eleven are kept alive, having fun, learning, and are fed. On top of the four kids we also have our little fur buddy named Clubber Lang. Needless to say I am familiar with mess. Familiar I may be, but I don’t have the time or energy to really clean.

I like to have my kids help me clean. I think it’s good for them and teaches important life skills that they need. That’s what is great about this Click N Clean mop. I can have one of the three older kids help me clean and can rest at ease knowing that it will get done and correctly. No extra chemical or water on the floor. The mop allows the kids to use just the right amount of everything. Once they are done cleaning, they just throw the pad in the dirty laundry to be rewashed – no need for trying to empty a dirty bucket! Because, less face it, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, imagine that you just finished mopping the floor and your one year old decides he wants to throw his cup on the floor allowing his milk to get all over the place. With the Click n Clean mop it is no longer a big deal to clean up a mess. It’s as easy as one, two, three. So enjoy your summer, relax, and don’t stress the mess.  The Click n Clean is available at the Home Depot for the amazing price of $34.97, don’t wait to get yours today!

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70 thoughts on “Don’t Stress the Mess

  1. I hate having to constantly clean the dirt, mud etc. that my husband and dog always bring into the house, ugh. This product would be very helpful. 🙂

  2. I hate having to constantly clean up the dirt, mud etc. messes that my husband and dog are always bringing into the house, ugh! This product would be a hug help. 🙂

  3. My daughter loves PlayDoh, so I am always finding dried up Play Doh stuck to the floor. It is very hard to clean up, so I would say that is probably the mess I hate to clean up the most.

  4. I hate cleaning dishes. Theyre not so bad if rinsed out right away, but my kids and hubby dont catch on!

  5. I hate cleaning up dirt and mud track from outside onto the floors in the house.

  6. Thank you for this opportunity. Keeping the floors clean in this clay and muddy lake area is a nightmare.

  7. I hate cleaning up puke like I had to yesterday. My little one came home from preschool with an inner ear infection and after eating popcorn and a hot dog puked everywhere. At least most of it was on the hardwood.

  8. I have a cat with a very sensitive stomach and she is constantly regurgitating food and hairballs. I hate cleaning that.

  9. I hate cleaning the bathroom. The tub and the toilet can be super hard to scrub.

  10. I HATE cleaning up after my little 6 year old! He LOVES playing in mud and paint everything! 🙂

  11. I hate trying to keep the kitchen floor clean — sweeping multiple times a day + moping is the worst.

  12. The tornados my little one makes every single day 😛 Thanks so much for the chance!

  13. I have 3 dogs who leave mud and who knows what all over the floor, I hate it!

  14. I hate to clean my white kitchen floor. With a dog and two cats it’s always dirty.

  15. I have hard wood flooring throughout the entire house and a new grabby this would be so beneficial!

  16. I live in the country, there is always dust, dirt, and red mud all over my floors.
    I need all the help I can get!!

  17. I hate cleaning the kitchen floors. They are white so always need to be cleaned

  18. Hate cleaning up dirt and mud that my dog drags in from outside. Thanks.

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