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Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post with mums the word network & Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own!

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I have five in my family and they all like to share! The thing the seem to be sharing the most of is germs. With  three kids in school and a husband that teaches at a school there seems to be a lot of germs to go around. Last year my son had common cold type symptoms so I would try with over the counter medications and just waited for it to run its course. Well, it never happened. He ended up getting hospitalized with walking pneumonia. Ever since then I have really second guess everything and struggled on what to do.
 Do you really bundle everyone up & make a trip to the ER in the nasty weather to see if your child needs something that you can’t provide?!? Or do you just treat it yourself and want for it to go away? I use to annoy my mother in law (who is a nurse) with calls but now I count on Doctor On Demand!

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What is Doctor on Demand?
Doctor On Demand is a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board certified physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants via your smart phone, tablet, and desktop computers.
When you schedule your appointment, you will be asked to provide a list of your symptoms, then you are instantly connected to a provider licensed in their state for a video visit! (No waiting for HOURS in a waiting room. Trust me once I waited 3 hours before being seen. Not fun!!)


 My Thoughts:

I couldn’t have loved Doctor on Demand more! With three little ones under the age of 8 going into a clinic is pretty stressful. They don’t like to set still and/or be quite. With this I took my tablet into my bedroom with Carly Jo (the patient) and got started. Simple enough. Never had to leave the house or put shoes on!

On top of the convince level it also keeps my family from getting sicker. I recently heard of a family who was exposed to a very dangerous sickness because the patient that had it was in the waiting room moments before her and her newborn was there and it was very contagious! With Doctor on Demand that’s not a problem. I don’t have to expose my children to other sickness.

Will I be using Doctor On Demand? Yes! The service costs about the same as a clinic visit and  is way less expensive than a typical ER visit and less stressful.

Doctor On Demand is free to register (the app is free to download). Right now Doctor On Demand has a promotion where you can get your first visit with a doctor for FREE.  Just use the promo code “roles15” for your FREE video visit! Visit: www.doctorondemand.com   to get started right away!

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