Dinner Time with Tommee Tippee
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Dinner Time with Tommee Tippee

If you have a toddler or a soon to be toddler in your house or know someone who does then you really need to check out these Tommee Tippee products. These are absolutely some of the best products I have ever tried. Some of my favorite products that I have at the ready at my house for when my nieces and nephews visit are Trainer Straw cups, divider plates and bowls. My kids are older and they even use the divider plates and actually so do my Husband and I since having weight loss surgery. These divider plates have one big area in the middle and then two smaller side compartments. It’s great for introducing new foods or just making sure your child gets the correct portions that they need. These are great for feeding finger foods to your toddler. These section plates come in sets of two and are available in both Blue and Pink. These are BPA Free and are Dishwasher and Sterilizer safe making them easy to clean. They are also microwave safe so you can reheat food in them if you need to. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Another one of my favorite products is the Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls. These bowls are so easy for your little one to use when they are learning to feed themselves. Another thing is this bowl comes with a lid and spoon that is stored in the top of the lid. I love this because you can pack it in the diaper bag and take it with you. This is great for older babies and toddlers who are eating cereal. These are recommended for babies who are 7+ more months of age. They are BPA Free, Microwave and Sterilizer safe. They come in Pink & Blue or Blue & Green. These are so easy to use and I actually love that these bowls have a little grip on the side for you to grab and pick up. My nephew recently started feeding himself and he loves using this bowl. It’s easy for him to use, and it’s nice that we can take it with us when we are out at the park so he can still eat when he is ready.

Lastly but definitely not least I love the Trainer Straw cups, I actually prefer them over sippy cups and so does my nephew. He loves his cup and so I ended up getting him a few different ones and have since bought them for all my nieces and nephews to use and they all love them. This cup is nice and helps your little one to develop sipping skills. I honestly think this is easier than a spout sippy cup and another plus is that your child won’t have to tip it up to get a drink which helps prevent getting too much to drink at once or spills. All these Tommee Tippee products are amazing and are really great to use and have around if you have little ones of your own or have little ones that visit.

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