Decorating the Christmas Tress Can Be Stress Free
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Decorating the Christmas Tress Can Be Stress Free

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my family’s favorite activities when it comes to the holidays.  In fact, we make it into quite the event!  Christmas music can be heard in the background while we munch on our favorite snacks and reminisce about all the ornaments we have saved over the years.  Each one has a special meeting and it brings back so many fond memories to get them out each year.

Christmas Tress

The appearance of our Christmas trees before children was vastly different to those after children.  Before children, we paid very close attention to the placement of each ornament in an attempt to make it as perfect as possible.  When the children became old enough to help decorate the tree, we let them join in on the fun.  When they were younger, many ornaments would hang from the lower branches.  Gone were the days of perfectly spaced ornaments; however, it looked perfect to us!  As the children have grown, their reach and ability to decorate the tree have also grown.  Some of our favorite ornaments are the ones that were hand made by our children.  As the children grow, so do the number of ornaments they have made for our tree.

However you choose to decorate your tree, make it a special occasion.  We have found that decorating the Christmas tree has been the perfect opportunity for making fond, cherished memories as a family.  This is a tradition that we will continue to partake in for many years to come!

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