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Decorate your home with Easy Canvas Prints

One day I was just staring at my walls and thinking they needed something new. I honestly had no clue what, but something. So I decided to start searching online for different ideas for decorating my walls. That’s when I stumbled a crossed Easy Canvas Prints. 

The name is very fitting! I was very impressed with how easy it was for me to design what kind of canvas I wanted. The first step was to pick a size. I loved that they had an image to the side where you can preview how the size would look above a couch. It gave me a better idea of what size I wanted. At the same time you had to pick how thick you wanted the wrap to be or if you wanted it to be framed. Then her comes the fun part, picking what kind of image you wanted to upload to use for the canvas. Of course I picked one of all three of my kids. What mom doesn’t want to show of their kids. 🙂 The neat part here is you can also access your albums on Facebook and Instagram. Finally you decide if you want wall hanging or a stand. And what kind of border your want: mirror image, image, or a solid color. Then lastly you decide what kind of image you want: black and white, sepia, or none. They also have an option to do retouching on the images.

This is what my final product look liked:

easy canvas

My overall opinion of Easy Canvas is that it’s fantastic  I plan to use it again for a family picture but this time I am going to get it framed! I loved how it walked you through all the steps to making just the perfect canvas for your wall. The canvas itself is perfect. It’s well made and honestly almost looks like a panting. Which I think is very neat!  I am still in the process of trying to decide the perfect place for this one. I had it above the couch and then I moved it to my bedroom. What picture would you turn into a canvas?? Where would you put it?

Don’t want a Canvas don’t worry! You can visit their Build A Sign website and find other things to decorate your house or yard!

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2 thoughts on “Decorate your home with Easy Canvas Prints

  1. I’m looking for an inexpensive Canvas Company to do a picture from our engagement shoot to give my fiancé on our wedding day. I want a big one like 30×40. Reco’s?

  2. I love your canvas and the idea of having a canvas for my walls. I have been looking at this wall in my house for a while and wanting something on it. I decided this week that it had to be a canvas or decal. Thanks for this post.

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