Dealing With Obstacles That Derail Your Otherwise Normal Weekly Routine
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Dealing With Obstacles That Derail Your Otherwise Normal Weekly Routine

Getting the kids into a routine is something that all mothers need to do to keep their sanity. Lack of structure can make it difficult for children to develop good habits so keep this in mind. Certain obstacles are going to derail your weekly routine whether dad has to be at a rehearsal instead of mom or the dog needs to be taken to the vet. Having a plan for certain situations is important as making it up on the fly does not always lend itself to the best options available. The following are situations that can derail your otherwise normal weekly routine.

Child Gets Sick

One or multiple children getting sick is never fun as mothers we don’t like to see our little ones in pain or discomfort. Finding ways besides medication if your child has a cold or flu to help your children whether it is using essential oils to calm them down or a warm bath to relax them is important. The decision then becomes which parent will stay at home if both of you have thriving careers. Most companies are willing to give a few work from home days if it does not impact job performance. Emailing your manager the night before is best but anyone who has kids knows the flu can arrive in an instant.

Work Schedule Has Changed

One of the toughest things for parents is if one parent has their job move them to a night shift. This can completely throw off everything so it is important to try to stay on the current shift. This change can come with more money but one parent being absent sleeping during the day can have an impact on the children. Teenagers on average care less if their parent is sleeping but younger children can feel like they are being ignored.

Child In Trouble At School

Your kids getting into trouble at school might happen from time to time even for those children that love school. There are just times where kids can get all pumped up from feeding off of each other’s energy and it causes them to misbehave. Keep this in mind when you get a call from the school saying you have to come in as there is an issue. Your kids getting suspended is much like them being sick if it is out of school suspension. This should be treated differently at home as they should be getting ahead on the homework teachers often give students that have been suspended.

Take a Mental Health Day If Needed

There are going to be times where it is just better to take the day off from work than deal with the nightmare the day will turn out to be. We all deserve breaks and at times our daily routine being thrown off can put us in a funk. Mental health days can be scheduled but it is better to take one of these when life changes your plan unexpectedly.

Life is going to try to test and change your routine so you need to stay flexible. Do not let changes in routine ruin your day as every day should be cherished!

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