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Creating ZURU Easter Baskets

Coming with clever and unique Easter baskets theme or products can be heard. Let ZURU take the guess work out for you. They have tons of products perfect for ZURU Easter Baskets. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Let’s get to the ZURU Easter Baskets Products:

ZURU Easter Baskets

The wildly popular glove with patent technology to make 1000s of bubbles when the glove is dipped in ZURU’s premium bubble formula and waved through the air, Glove  A-Bubbles eye-catching colors and on-trend  characters make playing with bubbles so much fun. Improved to better fit your child’s hands, Glove-A Bubbles includes the original animal-themed characters, Rainbocorns and Paw Patrol. Each Glove-A-Bubbles packet contains a re-sealable bag filled with bubble solution and on-trend character. Available in 100% recyclable packaging through ZURU’s partnership with TerraCycle.

ZURU Easter Baskets

ZURU takes ooey-gooey slime to the next level with OOSH Hairy Slime, a squishy, fuzzy and  mega-stretchy mystery concoction full of creepy-crawly surprises! The squishy, squeezable and stretchy goo is unlike anything in its  category. Hairy Slime comes in three different colorful  assortments, each packaged in a hairy-reusable container and  when opened revealing even more hair and a plethora of either  black flies, cockroaches or spiders. OOSH Hairy Slime super-stretch extends beyond long, offering endless gross and yet super cool  fun. The patent-pending Hairy Slime formulation offers a new tactical sensation and play experience. It’s unique consistency  and flexibility is great for developing motor skills by exercising a child’s coordination ability with  their hands and eyes as well as their creativity and imagination to create fun crafts.

ZURU Easter Baskets

ZURU Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise 2 introduces all-new  extra cuddly and always sparkly Rainbocorn plushies to the sparkle heart squad. There are six Series 2 characters set to  reveal the hidden surprise on each of their tummies.

Discover the wild and fabulous new pets in the third series of  ZURU’s top selling sequin surprise line, the all-new ZURU  Rainbocorns Wild Surprise. With multiple layers of surprise to be  found inside this is an unboxing dream for all enchanted creature  lovers! There are seven new wild surprise cuddly characters to be  collected, including the Rare Golden Sparkle Slothcorn, each with  fun fur patterns and a flip-able sequin heart to reveal what they  love on their tummy.

ZURU Easter Baskets

The newest members of the Rainbocorn family are far glitterier and  glimmered than ever before. ZURU Rainbocorns Itzy Glitzy Surprise  introduces 24 Itzy Glitzy collectible characters of all the Rainbocorn characters you know and love as well as tons of new surprises to  unbox including a rare crystal charm chaser. These adorable little  collectibles come with swappable wings and gem hearts you  can remove from the Itzy Glitzy little Rainbocorn eggs and pop into a surprise ring. Available in both a 2 pack and 4  pack.

ZURU Easter Baskets

Smash, fizz, build and battle with ZURU Smashers Dino Ice Age  Surprise Epic Egg. The giant blue dino egg comes with over 25  different icy surprises inside. Follow the arctic scratch map through  different ice age themed compounds to uncover each piece of  your Smash-O-Saur. Piecing these together will reveal one of three  exclusive ice age creatures – an Ice Raptor, Blizzard-dactyl or  Frozen Mammoth. Each egg also includes 6 smaller smash-eggs  with collectible Smashers inside.

ZURU Smashers Dino Ice Age Mini Surprise is the newest never-before-seen  item in the ever-popular Smashers line. Smash open to find and build one of  six Icy Dinos like the Frozen Rex or the Slime-o-Saur! Mix & Match the Dino  parts to make a new Smash-o-Saur! Each includes three compounds – stretchy  snow, crystal slime, frozen slime – a rare skeleton Smash-o-Saur, three  separate dino parts and a Dino Claw Scratch ‘n’ Surprise sticker.

zuru easter

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands, the hottest mini collectible, are  a range of realistic miniature replicas of your favorite toy  brands. Made exactly to match their full-sized  counterparts, even down to the packaging, there are over  60 different nostalgic and currently in-market toys to  collect including Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja  Turtles, Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Backpack  from Dora the Explorer, and Angelica from Rugrats. Other  miniaturized products include Crayola Crayons, Rubik’s  Cubes, WowWee Fingerlings, JoJo Siwa bow accessories,  Nickelodeon Slime and Wham-O Frisbees. In addition, a selection of ZURU’s top toys including  Rainbocorns, X-Shot and Bunch O Balloons have been shrunk! The assortment includes rare  metallic and glow in the dark minis, and super rare golden Minis too! Collect them all.

5 Surprise Mini Brands, the viral TikTok with over 600  million organic views and counting, features a whole  new series of favorite shopping brands that fit in your  hand. The chase continues as Heinz Ketchup, Kool-Aid,  Miracle Whip and Jell-O are among the 100 new  brands to collect, in addition to new shopping  accessories. Can you find the rare Metallic and Glow in  the Dark minis, and the Super Rare Golden Minis too?  Collect them all to create your mini shopping world!

ZURU’s 5 Surprise Glitter Unicorn Squad Series 2 brings sassy and  collectible little unicorns with Glitter Hair, Neon Tail Hair, Glitter  Stickers and New Glitter Unicorn Poop! Each capsule includes one  sassy unicorn, interchangeable dress-up accessories, a comb for  her soft neon tail, four themed stickers and a Collector’s Guide.  Perfect for swapping and trading to complete your collection, the second series of 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad adds 13 new glitter unicorns and one rare platinum.

zuru easter

The flurry of unboxing with the  unique, on-trend Smash-Egg element – where kids discover what they’ve  collected only by smashing it open – continues, but Series 3 squeezes the new  Smashball into a dino egg! Kids will take their collection to arctic levels with  over 50 Ice Age Dinos to collect.

My Thoughts:

Both my daughters and sons love all things ZURU. From the all-new X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker to 5 Surprise Glitter Unicorn Squad Series 2 and all things in between. That is why I decided to make ZURU Easter Baskets.  ZURU has Rainbocorns Heart Surprise big Eggs and Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise Epic Egg that will for sure please your little ones. They are full of surprises at every turn. If they like surprises but don’t want the BIG surprise egg, than you should try their little eggs. It’s perfect for just a fun little surprise to brighten up the day. Another fun little surprise is the 5 Surprise balls. They have something for everyone.

My favorite thing is the Glove-A-Bubbles. Yes I am a kid at a heart. They have eye-catching colors and on-trend  characters make playing with bubbles so much fun.  It’s so easy to use. Just pop the glove on and wave. Now my youngest favorite thing is their OOSH Hairy Slime. OOSH Hairy Slime, a squishy, fuzzy and  mega-stretchy mystery concoction full of creepy-crawly surprises! So, what is a four year old not to love. Creepy, Crawler, Gooey, and Fun! ZURU has everything you need to make ZURU Easter Baskets! They will be very enjoyed, cute, and you will for sure hear tons of laughter!