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Creating Custom Children’s Stories Online

Young children should be encouraged to read as much as possible, especially in today’s digital age. There is still something unique about holding a hardcover copy of a book and reading it. It may sometimes be difficult for parents to select the ideal reading material for their children. For a completely different reading experience, there is the option of creating a custom books for kids. Online book stores and publishers have convenient tools for customizing stories with unique twists, turns and themes.

The process of crafting a personalized book begins with simple online editing. Parents can simply log into a specialty book store and begin exploring some of the editing tools that are available. The foundation of the story is already set but there are other features that could be manipulated. For example, the setting and characters could be personalized to better reflect some of the real life aspects of the reader. The protagonist or main character can be named after the child that is going to read the book. It would also be neat to add some familiar names to the story. For instance, names of the child’s friends and relatives could create some excitement and interest for reading a personalized children’s book.

Very young children may not be able to read but they could at least enjoy some bed time stories from their parents. Therefore, there are custom baby books that are ideal for storytelling until the child begins to learn how to read. Buying items such as Baby gifts by Chronicle Books and other companies are examples of getting unique children’s books. 

Kids’ books may be nicely customized with graphics that are imported from a parent’s personal collection of photos. For example, the faces of family members can be cropped onto the faces of the characters in a story. Similarly, familiar features such as a real life house or neighborhood may also be imported and integrated into a custom story. The final step of making a custom book for kids involves approving everything and placing an order online for a hard copy as well as an e-book.

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