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Cozy and Comfortable Blank Loungewear Clothing Ideas for Your Store

For many, one of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting at home and doing activities they love while wearing comfortable loungewear. Gone are the days when at-home attire meant sweatshirts with stains or sweatpants riddled with rips and tears. Loungewear can be just as stylish as comfy, and the following items prove its benefits for your clothing shop. 


A great pair of comfy sweats can significantly elevate a relaxation day, making them a fantastic loungewear option if you want to sell items your customers can use in various scenarios. Sure, they’re great to wear at home, but they’re also options for going to the gym or running errands. 

You should list many types of sweatpants and start checking which ones are your favorites to narrow down your options. For example, there are drawstring sweatpants and ones with elastic at the waist or hems. 

If you’d instead decorate the sweatpants than sell them as blanks, several options include a spider design for Halloween, butterflies for springtime, or your brand’s name. Popular placement ideas can be on the right or left hip area or down one or both of the outer sides of the legs.


Leggings are trendy for many reasons, one of which is how comfortable they are. In addition, blank leggings are easy to pair with many tops, like long-sleeve tees or the Bella + Canvas unisex sponge fleece raglan sweatshirt, making it simple to have a put-together outfit in a minute or two, or you can also use your creative skills to decorate them. 

When embellishing them, consider two placement options: down the entire outer sides of the legs from top to bottom or just on the sides of the calf area. Decorating options can range from printing on your custom design or using accents like faux pearls or flat-back metal studs.    

Tank tops and t-shirts

It’s no surprise that tank tops and t-shirts landed on a list of comfy blank loungewear options for your clothing shop. For many, the two styles of tops offer just the right amount of coverage without feeling overly heavy or restricting, they can match everything from sweats to wide-leg lounge pants, and they’re available in a significant amount of sizes and hues. 

Should you opt for decorating t-shirts and tank tops rather than leaving them blank, you can put embellishments almost anywhere, including on the sleeves, along the neckline, down both sides, or directly in the front. So, for example, if you’re going to put your clothing brand name, consider it on the upper right of the front of the shirt or across the center. 

Pajamas set

Although pajamas are technically sleepwear, some more stylish choices–like a silk set–can also fall under the umbrella of loungewear. There’s no reason why, on some days, to sport pajamas if you’re planning on being home and have nothing to do nor have any interest in doing anything. It’s a nice indulgence that many–as super-busy adults–don’t get to experience often enough. 

Going the design route depends on what style of pajamas you choose. However, if you’d rather not keep them blank, one popular design option to consider is putting a subtle trim on both pieces.


Robes are lovely for snuggling up in, feeling cozy, and wearing over the clothing. This loungewear typically comes with a tie at the waist, so it’s easy to keep closed whether sitting on the couch or walking around. 

Suppose you want a design on the robe, the back of the clothing, or the upper right of the front, great placement ideas. Embroidery can be an excellent option, especially if it’s monogramming with your name or initials.


Ideal for sleeping in, just like with pajamas, many nightgown options can border between loungewear and sleepwear, but they’re great to wear for a relaxing day at home. In addition, these can be exceptionally comfortable during the warmer weather when many prefer to sport something breezy and lightweight. 

Blank nightgowns would be a lovely loungewear addition to your clothing store, but embellished ones could also be a big hit. For example, add embroidery, lace along the neckline, or trim the hem. Consider what the demographic you sell to would prefer to have as embellishments on the nightgowns. 

Matching loungewear sets

Matching loungewear sets are fantastic, considering they’re two-piece sets, and you don’t have to worry about finding a matching half to complete the ensemble. There are several ways to revamp the two pieces, regardless of their style.

For example, you could put lace on the hems of the bottoms, put metallic trim along the neckline of the top and waistband of the base, set a design going down the sides of both the top and bottom, or make a complete pattern. Because there are so many styles of loungewear sets, consider selling the types that would best fit into the upcoming season. For example, ones with flannel pants can be great for fall and winter, while shorts are ideal for spring and summer. 

A note about implementing designs

Keep in mind that whatever blank loungewear you opt for, if you plan on putting a design on it, make sure it’s not anything that could get you in legal trouble, such as a trademarked design. If you have any questions, contact your clothing shop’s business lawyer for further input on if your styles are legal to use. 

With the many types of loungewear available combined with its intended purpose to be worn at home (or occasionally outdoors, depending on the style), it’s undoubtedly clothing you can have fun with when you’re getting ready to sell it through your store. So get creative and think about designs your customers would love to see and quickly want. You never know if one of the loungewear designs you came up with could be one of your most popular items.