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Could you be pregnant? First Response has the answer! #IC #ad

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You would think that having three kids means that I am an excerpt at taking pregnancy test, but it’s quit the opposite. My oldest is eight years old and back then the test was small and hard for me to use as a plus size woman. In fact I got a plastic cup and use it to help take the test (all three of them!) I ended up taking three tests because the first ones didn’t register that I was pregnant, but deep down I knew something was up! (After all..who knows my body better than me?!)

Could you be pregnant? First Response has the answer! #IC #ad

Throughout the years, pregnancy testing has changed drastically. From analog to digital tests, and detection after your missed period to before, the advancements are numerous. First Response has redesigned their advanced Early Detection Pregnancy Test in a way that will diminish those awkward and troublesome moments that come with determining pregnancy. First Response Early Pregnancy Test is 50% wider tip, longer handle, and cutting-edge curved shape designed to fit a woman’s hand and makes it a lot easier for us plus size woman to use!

Could you be pregnant? First Response has the answer! #IC #ad

The thing I love most about the Early Pregnancy Test is the fact it’s early! LOL No one likes waiting to find out if their lives are going to change big time! This test will detect pregnancy as early as six days before your MISSED period. I personally think that’s pretty cool because for me the thought is always on the back of my head. Especially after having three children there are little signs that makes me think I could be! Not only does it detect early but it’s pretty easy to read (two pink lines means you are pregnant) and has over 99% accuracy!


You honestly can not go wrong. If you have any doubt about being pregnant than you will want to use First Response Early Detection Pregnancy Tests! They are available at all major drugstores, mass and grocery stores and retail anywhere between $8.99 – $15.99.

What was it that made you think you could be pregnant?

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