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Cook The Perfect Egg With Tovolo

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

When it comes to cooking eggs I suck. No mater what way it is. Well except maybe scramble. Kind of hard to mess that one up. I have passed up so many recipes that I wanted to try because how the egg needed to be. If it needed to be poach or yolk out I just kept on moving and tried to find a different recipe. Tovolo has the Perfect Poach and Yolk Out that helps you cook the perfect egg.

About Perfect Poach:

“Finally, a solution to make a perfect, delicious poached egg every time. The Perfect Poach™ is simple, easy, and mess free and uses no oil or butter. Your perfectly poached egg will slide out easily onto the plate. Multiple eggs can be poached at the same time. Bags are recyclable, biodegradable, and non-stick. Single pouches include 20 Perfect Poach™ bags. CDU includes 24 packs.”

About Yolk Out:

“Introducing Yolk Out™, the clean, easy way to separate eggs. Here’s how it works: The soft, ergonomic silicone bulb sucks up the entire yolk, leaving the egg white behind in the bowl. You then simply expel the yolk intact and go back for more yolks. The Yolk Out™ is indispensable for soufflés, cakes, meringues, egg-white omelets, and more. CDU includes 12.”

My Thoughts:

I got to say my husband is pretty happy that I got to try Tovolo. He really enjoys a good poach egg on a breakfast sandwich. What I enjoy is the perfect poach is easy to use. It’s just a few simple steps.  Boil some water, put the egg in the pouch, seal, and dip it into the water. That’s pretty easy isn’t. It also requires little clean up. Just throw the pouch away.

Now, if you have tried taking a yolk out of an egg you know how much of pain it is. It really doesn’t have to be. (I honesty didn’t think that was possible.) The Yolk Out is real simple to use. You crack the egg in the glass, then squeeze it up with the yolk out, and lastly drop it into another cup or bowl. Easy as 1, 2, 3. The yolk out isn’t hard to clean either. The clear plastic thing comes out and you can clean the inside easier. I use my daughters bottle brush.

Our favorite thing to cook with these is a breakfast sandwich. What would you cook?

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