What are the Common Disputes Causes in Families?
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What are the Common Disputes Causes in Families?

Today’s world is different from that of our forefathers. Family battles, disagreements, and legal cases have skyrocketed for various reasons. Some of them are solved amicably, but others even end up causing lifetime injuries and deaths. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the common causes of such family wrangles, how you can avoid them, and how you can solve them.

Property Inheritance

Cases of people who have murdered or injured their kin due to inheritance conflicts have become common, especially due to the increase in the population. Such conflicts may arise from greed, or maybe the deceased person was not clear about how their property should be divided. The best option is to get professional assistance from Tully Rinckey.

Common Disputes Causes in Families

Domestic Violence

Fights between spouses or a parent and their child have also been ranked as common causes of family disputes. Domestic violence can have detrimental psychological effects on the family members, especially for the young ones. Domestic violence can result from physical or emotional torture, destruction of property, or any threatening behavior from one party to the other. In such a scenario, you should be aware of the Tully Rinckey law regarding domestic fights.


Divorce causes the emotions to run high for the divorcees and other family members. Separation issues may arise due to property division, finances, and child contact. Disputes may arise immediately after the separation or later when life circumstances change, one party breaches the court order, or tries to change the terms of the court order. Divorce affects children in a significant way, especially psychologically. Moreover, deciding on the children’s custody is not an easy task, and it can also bring more issues between divorcees.

Financial Issues

Family wrangles may also arise when there are issues with finances. This is most common when a couple and family members cannot agree when, where, and how they will spend the money in question. Unemployment also falls under this category. It causes stress, depression, and anxiety, which could lead to heated arguments in the home.

Family wrangles are affecting a lot of families today, especially children. The trauma and experiences of the disputes are too much for them to bear. It is upon the family members to get help from the appropriate people. Talk to a lawyer to help you with legal issues. If the dispute arises from financial challenges, you can consider getting help from a reputable financial advisor.

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