College Dorm Room Essentials For When You Move Out
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College Dorm Room Essentials For When You Move Out

Moving out of home for college and considering the apartments for rent in Orlando is somehow intimidating but nevertheless an exciting process that you can undergo. Here are some ideas to help make the planning process easier. To find dorm room essentials that work for you and ensure you’re going to be making the most of your time, however, you need to take the time to make a plan.

From considering switching out your old bed for a new memory foam mattress to customizing your space so that you have something to remind you of home, there are a lot of perks when it comes to planning out your dorm room. Here are some of our favorite dorm room essentials for you to consider:

Dorm Room Essentials

Upgrade Your Mattress

A memory foam mattress is an underrated dorm room essential, one that’s well worth looking into if you have the budget for it. College beds are usually old and out of shape, and for a good night’s sleep and a more balanced sense of wellbeing, it’s incredibly important to have a memory foam mattress that can do the job of providing comfort and support through the night.

When you’re investing in a memory foam mattress, it’s important to find the best possible fit for your space. Finding the best mattress size for your dorm room is only aspect of a great mattress, however. Reading up on mattress reviews and ensuring you have a memory foam mattress that is able to support you through your sleep – whether this is through temperature regulation, motion isolation, or pressure relief, is going to help you catch up on much-needed sleep through your semester.

The best memory foam mattresses are also always going to be made of non-toxic material and should last you a good while, so it’s important to keep in mind it is truly an investment to purchase one for your move.

Personalize Your Walls

While you might not be able to paint or drill holes into your walls, there are still a ton of ways you can ensure you’re doing your best to personalize your space. A photo or gallery wall is a popular way to ensure you’re surrounding yourself with things you feel best to represent you and where you come from. Be sure to print out pictures or invest in some cheap frames so that you can figure out a layout you like to begin working on your own gallery wall.

Another way to personalize your walls is by using special lighting. Fairy lights are being counted as dorm room essentials more often these days since they’re such an easy way to boost how cozy and comforting they can make your space look.

Invest In Storage Solutions That Do The Hard Work For You

Dorm room essentials haven’t changed all that much over the years, and that’s why if there’s one thing you need to make sure to include in your checklist, it’s the storage solution. Different kinds of storage solutions work for different spaces – whether they’re storage boxes to keep extra clutter in, or closet organizers that are going to make splitting up space with a roommate a lot easier, make sure that everything in your dorm room has a place it belongs to you and you can access easily.

When it comes to planning out your dorm room essentials, everyone’s going to have different recommendations. Remember that the priority when you move away from home is creating a space that feels safe, secure, and comfortable. Prioritizing self-care and pushing yourself are going to help you grow as you set out on your new adventure, whether this means finding the best mattress for your small dorm room or simply keeping the ones you love close in the form of pictures.

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