Must Have Products · September 14, 2020 0

Choosing Glasses to Match Your Lifestyle

Glasses aren’t just purely functional. While helping you to see clearly is their main purpose, the fact that glasses sit on your face and frame your eyes mean that they are, by default, an accessory to your personal style that will be seen by everyone who meets you. If you are looking to add new and interesting styles to your look, see here for inspiration. Otherwise, let’s look at some of the considerations that you should be thinking about when deciding which pair of frames would be best suited to your look. 

Match your frames to your persona

Everybody has a persona. Even if you have never thought about the personality traits that you are expressing with your every action and in everything you say, that doesn’t mean the world hasn’t been paying attention. You are who you are and there’s no getting away from it. With this in mind, it’s important not to overstate or understate your choice in frames. 

For example, if you are the type of person known for being opinionated and known for standing your ground whenever general conversation becomes an outright debate, you may wish to highlight this side of your personality with thicker geometric frames. Conversely, if you are the kind of person who does not wish to enter into many conversations, the choice of larger standout frames may not be for you, as this would not typically match your persona. You may want to bear these things in mind before choosing frames that say something about you that you don’t necessarily wish to say. 

Business frames

Many people who require glasses will be wearing them most of the time at work. You may wish to consider matching your frames with your type of role to help create a balanced sense of style that doesn’t look out of place. For example, general office work is suited to a classic oval or rectangular shaped lens, with traditional black, brown, or silver rims. However, if you are a teacher, or if you work in the fields of entertainment and customer service, you may find that more colourful frames that break free from traditional sized lenses could be a more welcoming ice breaker. 

A note on retro and vintage frames …
Retro and vintage frames say a lot about a person. Nobody wears retro or vintage frames by accident. This style is chosen on purpose, intended to be part of an overall look. This means that the thicker the frame and the more pronounced the frames (either in width or height), the more your look will be underlined. These styles are generally chosen by people with bubbly personalities and solid opinions, bridging the gap between happy-go-lucky and somebody who knows what they want. The benefit is that these styles don’t go out of fashion, but you must keep up your daily retro/vintage appearance in order to ‘pull it off’. Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you have the personality to match, retro and vintage styles could be the choice for you.