Children Viscose Leggings
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Children Viscose Leggings

If you have a child with skin allergies then I highly recommend checking out the Children Viscose Leggings and long sleeve shirt. My son gets irritated on his skin by his normal clothes, but when he wears these under them, it helps tremendously. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Whenever he wears these under his normal clothes, he notices that his skin doesn’t get irritated as much. At night we put medicine on his skin to help with the irritants and one of my favorite things about these leggings and long sleeve shirt is you can put them on after putting the medication on your child’s skin and it helps keep the medication from getting all over the place. What about eczema then these are awesome to have because it helps soothe your child’s skin and helps keep them from scratching and irritating their skin even more. These are made without any seams, which helps eliminate the friction that can actually result in sweat and skin irritation. I also love that these can be machine washed and tumble dried, which is a big help. We love using these on all our kids in the winter time since the air is so dry and it usually affects their skin and dries it out causing them to be itchy. I can layer them up in these and not only does it help keep their skin from getting itchy and try, it adds another layer of clothing to help keep them warm since it seems to always get so cold where we live.

I have even gifted a couple sets of these to some friends of mine whose little ones both have eczema especially on their arms and they love putting these on them. They notice that their little ones don’t scratch or seem as bothered by their itchy skin when they have these on. My son doesn’t always wear his, but h will wear them most of the winter and then usually at night to bed so he can get a good night sleep instead of getting uncomfortable and itching. I highly recommend these to anyone with kids whether they have allergies or not, it just really is an amazing product.

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