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Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

Disclosure:  I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine. 

Spring has (finally sprung! Thank goodness. It seemed like winter was going to drag on for ever. I honestly felt like Mother Nature was torturing me. We would have really nice weather one day than the next it was back in the 40s/50s. In honor of Earth Day Citrus Lane designed one of their monthly subscription boxes to focus on eco-friendly design, and items that just seemed to give a nod to the changing season.

About Citrus Lane:

I created Citrus Lane–to help parents discover innovative products, share information, ask questions and find inspiration. I like to think of our monthly boxes as care packages to help moms and dads on their parenting journeys. Every product we include has been recommended and reviewed by our advisory board and our community. No marketing gimmicks, no paid placements — just real recommendations from real parents for products that solve real problems.

What was in the box:

Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

  • Flower Set from Green Toys: This flower set was custom-made for Citrus Lane to help encourage pretend play. Little florists can arrange lilies, petunias, and daisies, stacking them onto the stems in different configurations.

Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

  • Set if 2 Tumblers from Great Eats: Sometime around 2 or 3 years old, your little one will master drinking from a non-sippy cup. These tumblers from Greet are a great first cup, and until your child is ready you may want to steal it for your self.

Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

  • Prince’s Bedtime Book & CD Set from Barefoot Books: Many preschoolers (and parents) will identify with this story about a prince who refuses to go to sleep, despite the best efforts of everyone in the kingdom. This beautiful book also includes a story time CD with two versions of the story.

Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

  • Lemon Verbena Dish Soap from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day: The fresh smell of this dish soap almost makes you feel like you’re at the spa instead of doing dishes. The concentrated formula for hand washing dishes includes Soap Bark Extract, one of nature’s best degreasers. Rinses clean.

Celebrate Spring with Citrus Lane

  • Greeting Card Offer from Treat: You’ll never go to the card store again after you see how easy (and pretty) Treat cards are. Create personalized greetings, add photos, nicknames, inside jokes, and more. Be as creative as you want, or let Treat do the work for you. Enjoy your first card for free with your unique code printed on the insert.

My Thoughts:

What I loved about this month box was that there was something for Carly Jo and something for me. I really enjoyed using my code to make my friend a card to just tell her I was thinking of her. So in away she got something out of this box as well. I liked how Citrus Lane focused on a concept and centered the box around it. I used it as a learning tool for her. We talked about the earth and how you have to treat it good by recycling. I explain that her toys were made out of recycled product and she got the biggest kicked out of that. She thought it was funny that a milk jug could turn into something like her flowers and cups. Speaking of flowers, I think those would be her favorite thing out of the box. She kept mixing and matching the flowers. Overall, I would say that we both were pretty pleased with Citrus Lane. They provide great products that not only were fun but educational.

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