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Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday with Birthday Keepsakes

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

I have three children and each one is special in their own way. The day they were born is a day I will never forget!! I want to celebrate it in any way I can. Birthday Keepsakes helps parents give their little one something special so they too can remember the day they were born.

About Birthday Keepsakes:

Birthday Keepsakes are beautiful color prints which provide a wonderful memento of your child’s birth. They are personalized with your child’s name, birthdate, and birth information; and include lots of fun facts about that very special day, including:

    Famous folks who share that special day of birth
 Current news headlines and top stories of that year
 Historical events that took place on that day
 TV shows, movies, popular actors and actresses
    Children’s television, movies,
videos and books
 Children’s fashions, fads and fun
 Costs of common items

birthday keepsakes

My Thoughts:

Just look at the keepsakes; isn’t it beautiful?! Birthday Keepsakes goes above and beyond to make a treasure for you. You get to pick a border, add a picture, and even add frame. This way everything is matching and looks perfect. I love all the details that goes into making this picture perfect. They also allow you to personalize and a little extra information. My daughter shares a birthday with one of her relatives and is named after me and her great great grandma. I was able to put that along with all the other basic information. This is something that when she gets older I plan to hand down to her. She and I can have it to cherish and love! It’s the perfect way to celebrate a special day, her birthday!

Connect with Birthday Keepsakes:

Site: http://www.bkeepsakes.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birthday-Keepsakes/58136382684

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bkeepsakes

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/birthdaykeeps/

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