A Little of Everything · September 25, 2016

Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care

I got this free through a marketing company to test out and review.

Do you guys know what I love? Buying products that I use and having something better than a great deal come of it. Cat’s Pride is such a great lightweight litter, and it really has a fresh scent, but it is even better than that!

 Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care

Cat’s Pride®, the best lightweight litter, teamed up with actress Katherine Heigl and is donating a portion of the proceeds of every purchase of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, an animal advocacy organization Katherine founded in her brother’s memory.

June was Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month and as a proud supporter of animal advocacy, Cat’s Pride shares information about adopting a cat and how to care for one, as well as cat care tips.

It is estimated that 10 to 70 million stray dogs and cats live on the streets and 5.4 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters in the U.S. annually. While half are adopted, the other half is euthanized due to lack of space in shelters.

When you buy a great product like Cat’s Pride, good things happen to help animals that need all the support they can get. Adopting a shelter cat and buying Cat’s Pride are a few ways you can support animals in need and make their lives better.

We have been using Cat’s Pride for years, it is a great litter for my cat. It helps keep his litterbox smelling as fresh as can be and clean too!