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Carly Jo is Getting Ready For Kindergarten! #LeapFrog

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I had a scary thought this morning. My kids are growing and my family is changing on me before my eyes! We are adding a new member in just a few days and Carly Jo will be in kindergarten this year! On top of all this my oldest had deodorant on his school supplies list..he’s getting to big for me!

I personally can’t do much to stop him from needing deodorant, but I can help Carly Jo get ready for kindergarten with Leap Frogs help!

Just this summer LeapFrog came out with their new toy LeapStart.

Carly Jo is Getting Ready For Kindergarten! #LeapFrog What is LeapStart?

LeapStart is a complete interactive learning system that teaches 200+ key skills through a library of books to help budding thinkers prepare for school and life. From Counting to Creative Thinking, Phonics to Problem Solving, and Shapes to Social Skills, it gets them ready for school with learning fun that springs to life!

Carly Jo is Getting Ready For Kindergarten! #LeapFrog


LeapStart has four different levels.

Level 1 is for preschool. It teaches them early fundamentals like ABCs, as well as shapes, colors and creativity. Level 2 is Pre-Kindergarten. It introduces early key skills like phonics, writing, counting and critical thinking. The thing I love about these levels is that they are like a refresher course for her. This way she doesn’t lose what she learned last year!

Carly Jo is Getting Ready For Kindergarten! #LeapFrog


Level 3 is Kindergarten. It complements school skills like reading and math with other life skills like logic and reason. This will help her get extra practice throughout the year as she’s learning these skills in school!

Lastly is Level 4 and it is 1st grade! It covers fundamentals like vocabulary and fractions plus helps grow interest in STEM and problem solving. This will help her prepare for next year!

Carly Jo is Getting Ready For Kindergarten! #LeapFrog

The best thing about LeapStart is its educational but it’s fun for them! I can hardly keep Carly Jo’s hands off it. She’s always begging to play with it. Which honestly I don’t mind! It’s easy for her to operate on her own. She just simply uses the stylus to play the games. She can her jokes, songs, and facts by just tapping the page. She’s having endless fun, but learning at the same time.

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