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CARE raise awareness about #ChildGrooms #sp


At what age did you get married?  Did you feel you were too young?  In the United States today, marrying as a young teenager is rare and considered taboo.  In remote areas of western Nepal; however, child marriage is often forced with reports of children being forced to marry as young as age 7.  Pannilal Yadev, for example, was forced to marry so young he barely recalls it.  These young child grooms marry girls similar to their own ages.  They are not mentally or physically prepared for the expectations of marriage and are often traumatized as a result.

Care.org is an organization that works closely with the people of Nepal to stop child marriage.  The CARE organization has worked closely with the people of Nepal since 1978 to stop this practice and currently has former child grooms working with them to help the cause.  CARE and Yadev are currently working on a program called the Tipping Point to try and address the reasons for forced child marriage in western Nepal.  Slowly, opinions are beginning to change.  CARE hopes for a world in Nepal where children are not expected to abandon childhood to marry so early in life.

If you believe in what CARE has been working toward for so many years, please visit Care.org and click on “Help End Child Marriage Today.”  Here you will be able to voice your support by signing a pre-drafted letter to your members of Congress.  “CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.”  In 2014 alone, they “touched the lives of 72 million people in 90 countries with over 880 poverty-fighting programs.”  Please support this organization in their efforts to bring awareness to and end forced child marriage in western Nepal.

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