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Calm the itch with TriCalm

6 years ago tomorrow I was blessed with a beautiful little boy. Little did I know that beautiful little skin of his is very sensitive. It was bad enough that he came home from school one day with a red rash on his cheeks and I knew right away someone put lotion on him. He is limited to what detergent and boy products he can use. So I am always nervous on trying new ones, but sometimes you got to be brave to find the right product. Somebody once told me about TriCalm and said I should try it.


TriCalm is for rashes, hives, sunburns, allergic reactions, bug bites, poison ivy, and any other skin ailments there may be. It is steroid free. That alone is an important factor for me. Because the only thing that tend to work for him until had steroids  in.  The cream has a clear gel like texture. It went on smoothed and easy. The only down fall is it didn’t have the prettiest smell. However that’s a small price to pay for something that works great and is a lot better for your little one. A lot of creams usually sets off some sort of reactions on my son, but this one didn’t. It did it’s job. It worked!!


I strongly recommend TriCalm for both adult and child. No matter if you have sensitive skin or not. This has become my go to product for all of us if we have a problem with our skin.

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