Boxcar Children Surprise Island DVD
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Boxcar Children Surprise Island DVD

I loved reading The BoxCar Children when I was growing up and so did my Husband so when we had kids we made sure to read them with them. Now we Love watching The BoxCar Children Movies so when I got the chance to watch another BoxCar Children’s movie I was super excited. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

The Alden children have a home with their grandfather now: but their adventures are just beginning! The first surprise comes when they learn they’ll be spending the summer on a private island. A kind stranger who lives there is always happy to help the children out … but does this new friend have a secret? Featuring the voice talents of Martin Sheen, Dane DeHaan, J.K. Simmons and Joey King

The BoxCar Children Surprise Island was the movie we watched and man was it a super good movie. We enjoyed watching this as a family and it really is a cute movie and I love how the kids relate to the movie about figuring out how to survive when they are on their own.

In the movie the 4 kids go to live with the Grandfather on a private island and they have tons of adventures together. The meet a new friend who helps them but we soon learn there may be something more to this new friend than we think. This stranger seems to be hiding a secret while trying to keep it from the others. This movie is full of fun laughter and neat adventures. The kids will love watching this and enjoying the adventures of The BoxCar Children as they come to live in this movie. This movie would make a great gift or stocking stuffer or to even just add to your own movie library. You can never go wrong with The BoxCar Children it is good clean family fun to enjoy together.

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