Books for Everyone
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Books for Everyone

I love being able to add books to our family library for us to enjoy in the evenings or on rainy days when we can get out and play. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Dinosaurs A Photicular Book is a simply wonderful book, especially if you are interested in dinosaurs. This book was made using Unique Photicular Technology which was really able to make these legendary creatures back to life. You see them in a museum and now with this book you can see them in a more lifelike picture. You will feel like you are traveling back in time and seeing them in real life. This book is so amazingly illustrated and is one that I love having around for the kids to look at and share with friends when they come over. If you have a dinosaur lover or have a child who is then I would highly recommend adding this book to your library, you won’t be disappointed that you did.

Are you into Greek Mythology and the all the stories that comes with it? Then you should really check out Gods And Heroes by Korwin Briggs. This book contains everything you could have ever wanted to know about mythology and who all the powerful Gods and Goddesses were as well as all the warriors and kings, enchanted creatures and everything else. This book is so extremely interesting and has so many very fun and interesting stories to read about. Plus this book is easy for young readers also. My daughter loves when to sit down and read this book on rainy days or just when she wants to relax. I love reading about Dragons and Giants and all the stories and adventures you get enjoy when reading this book. This contains and A-Z encyclopedia of mythology, whether you have been into mythology or not I would recommend getting this book because it really is exciting and interesting and so fun to read.

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