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Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil

I was offered the opportunity to try Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil recently and I was thrilled. Any time I can find a new product that meets my curly girl requirements I get excited. I have naturally curly hair. It is thick, course, and springy! It is also naturally drier than straight hair. I quit using sulfate shampoo years ago, and I almost never straighten it. I use a lot of natural products and oils on it to keep it from becoming dried out and brittle, and I have to use non silicone conditioners and hair products to clean and style it so I don’t get build up. Yes, my hair is clean, I just do it different than most people.

Agave Heating Oil Since I don’t use sulfate, I can’t use products that require sulfate to wash out. That is most hair care products like conditioner, gel, mouse, and even hair lotions. It’s the silicone that I have to watch out for, and it is the silicone that tames frizz. It blankets the hair and locks moisture out. Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil actually gets to the root of the problem. It locks moisture in instead, which makes the hair healthier, strengthens the hair, and builds elasticity. That is what tames the frizz!

Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil is completely plant based hair oil and that makes it extremely lightweight. I didn’t feel that it weighed my curls down at all. Plus it smells amazing! It wasn’t greasy at all, and I was able to wash it out completely using my curly girl method of no shampoo. It made my hair so soft and shiny and my curls just loved it, even at the ends where frizz is the worst. My hair just formed little ringlets, exactly like it is supposed to! I even got beautiful second day curls, which is something my hair never does! I thought my hair was pretty healthy to begin with, but the difference after just a few days was amazing.


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I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

10 thoughts on “Bio Ionic Agave Healing Oil

  1. Still thinking of doing no poo and it’s nice to see there are still products that work with that method. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. I do like that this product is plant oil based and I like natural products. I would like to try this.

  3. This sounds awesome – my seriously fried (dryer, straightenng iron…) hair would drink this up!


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  6. Great review! I’d love to try this on my hair. In 2011 I had cancer and after my first treatment I had to shave my head,it was summer so I was happy to do it.LOL! My hair came back in curly and with lots more gray. I had completely straight hair before. I prayed and told God I’d love to have some curl in my hair and by golly my prayers were answered.Of course I didn’t pray for the grays.LOL! This just sounds like something that would soften my hair and keep those darn frizzy grays down. Thank you for info 🙂

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