Best Ways to Take Time Off for Self Care
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Best Ways to Take Time Off for Self Care

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As a busy woman, it can often be hard to make time to take care of yourself — especially when you have others to care for and feel like you must put their needs first. Add to this a busy work schedule, and where can you even find the time to take care of yourself properly? But if you don’t make the time, you’ll quickly see the consequences: You’ll be more stressed out, fatigued, short-tempered, and unproductive.

If you’re new to this world of self care, it might help to ease into it. Start small, like treating yourself to an indulgent smoothie you love, getting a manicure, scheduling no-technology time, or making time for a short nap. But if you’re ready to amp things up, here are the best ways you can treat yourself to self care this year and take some real time off to focus on you:

Sign Up for Yoga Classes

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or work from home, you might feel like you need to do all of your exercise from home. Not only will you save money on gyms and other costs, but you’ll also be a short distance away from where you’re needed most. But if you’re exercising or doing yoga at home, are you really pushing the rest of the world away so you can get in a relaxing and challenging session? Probably not.

Find a way to take an hour or two to yourself for yoga classes, even if you go just a couple times a week. Going to a physical class will be your time and your time only. You’ll be able to stay focused, zone out, get a good workout in, and forget the stresses of the world. Plus, the exercise will help to reduce your overall stress so you’ll be able to better handle any issues that come up at home. And you’ll feel better physically and mentally, which are the most important things!

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Take a Vacation to Recharge

Vacations should always be fun, right? But sometimes, when you’re traveling with a big group, they can be more stressful than fun, making you anxious to get home and return to your normal routine. That’s where scheduling a long weekend away can make vacations fun again. And if you’re someone who hates taking time off, think of it this way — taking time off for a vacation will help you to actually be more productive day to day when you’re back home.

Whether you go solo or with a friend, make time to give yourself the vacation you deserve. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before or somewhere you love. Go to New York City and do all of the things you weren’t able to do on previous trips, such as walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit the High Line. Or, head to Miami for some great weather, beach time, and a trip to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. No matter what you do, make sure it’s a work-free, stress-free vacation — you’ve earned it.

Schedule a Girls’ Night

Aching for some fun or getting all dressed up? You’re never too old for a girls’ night, and getting together with some of your closest friends at the best bars in Dallas, (or your local area), is one of the best ways to de-stress and take care of your social needs. For a night out, consider making reservations at a restaurant you all love or have been wanting to try, getting tickets for your favorite band, or going out dancing.

Want to stay in? A girls’ night doesn’t have to be a girls’ night out. Have your friends over for dinner, binge watch your favorite movies or TV shows, or have a game night with all of your favorites. Make smoothies, do your nails, get crafty, or have a spa night. The possibilities are endless! And if you’re feeling really nostalgic, turn it into a grownup sleepover. Want to go the extra mile? Get a hotel room and have a staycation for your girls’ night. It’ll be sure to be the ultimate treat, and you deserve it!

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