Healthy Living · July 7, 2020 0

Best Mindful Practices During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the world. People have gotten sick, businesses have closed down and self-quarantine is the new normal for most families. With so much change, there are bound to be feelings of loneliness and fear.

If you have experienced feelings of anxiety, hopelessness or depression, you are not alone. The effects of quarantine have led two out of three Americans to feel these feelings at least once a week. Reach out to those you love and support each other during this challenging time.

One of the best ways to help your mind and body recover from the experience of isolation is to be mindful. Take some time out for yourself. Mindfulness is the process of slowing down and creating space for new information, in which you can analyze your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to separate thoughts and resolve them, while also discovering more about yourself.

Whether or not you work, find an hour or two every day for yourself. This may be needed for your mental health, and it can improve your feelings and attitude towards the pandemic. Here are a few mindful practices you can incorporate into your routine.

Mindful Journaling

Spend time sorting out your thoughts by journaling each day. A journal can be a great way to document your journey, especially in these uncertain times. Describe your day, anything new or interesting and analyze your thoughts. What are you feeling? Write these down and take time to work through them.

Often, people are afraid of facing the things that bother them. Take a deep breath and put on some music before sitting down and writing. Once you write down your thoughts, you can make some goals to help you overcome fears and stress factors. Then, try to improve your self-talk throughout the day.

Mindful Exercise

Exercise can lift your spirits. Not only can it help your body feel healthier and more awake but it can also soothe and strengthen the mind. Try to make exercise a daily part of your routine. As you work out, take time to think and breathe. Release the frustrations of the day by pushing your body to work hard.

Yoga is a great mindful exercise. The slow, concentrated movements are enhanced by the mantras and thoughts you create. As you start, try to feel grounded with the earth, and feel its support as you move fluidly from each move. You can find tutorials online or create your own yoga practice.

If yoga isn’t for you, there are many other types of exercise that can easily incorporate mindfulness. As you run, take this time to sort out your thoughts. On a hike, stop to admire the beauty around you.

Mindful Personal Care

Taking care of yourself can both feel good and do good for your mind. Take time in the shower to enjoy the feeling of washing away the dirt. Use candles, play music and do whatever you need to do to really enjoy the experience of personal care.

With these tips in mind, you can spend more time being mindful during the pandemic. As you become more aware of your thoughts and needs, you have more power to find solutions.