BenQ ScreenBar
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BenQ ScreenBar

As you all know I am on my computer working several hours a day!   The eye strain and pain that comes with that is well known to many who do the same.  I also set up my current office in a nice little corner in the house.  I need to get light, without the pain that comes with all the traditional lighting sources, an open window heats up the house, the lamp in the corner just puts a glare on the screen.  Well, BenQ ScreenBar might be a perfect solution to many of the issues. This is a sponsored post, but like always the thoughts and stories are my own.

The light bar was so simple to place. It looks good with computer screen and gave me the light needed to keep working.  It also helped cut down on the eye strain and little headaches from the screen.

I was able to get everything set up in my “office” area in less than 5 minutes. It was great.

It was simple to set the light the way I like it, and then it adjusted as the day went on.  I loved that! I didn’t have to keep messing with things all the time. It also just plugs in with any USB port. So simple!

For me, I love the color adjustment options. I know that using Blue light in the morning is good for getting up and going, and at night you want to limit the blue light.  I am not sure that the actual color is what matters in this, I haven’t really learned too much about that yet.  But I am sure that I like being able to set the “work mood” with different hues of light. Everything about it just works well for getting the light I need where I need it and the way I want it. Way better than the old lamp in the corner!

What’s even greater is they are hosting a giveaway! We know light is important and BenQ is making sure you get the right light for the right job

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