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Beer Tub

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post!

We have a lot to celebrate these days! Summer is here, my husband and kids are home with me and you guys! We are having a new baby any day now! Life is good with my family and that gives us plenty of things to celebrate with the people we love!

Any party is going to benefit from a great way to store, cool and display drinks!  I have never been a fan of the standard cooler because it seems as if you put one out and it becomes a seat for anyone that nears it!
A Beer Tub is the perfect solution for parties and celebrations! This tub is large enough to hold a case of your favorite drinks on ice and will hold over 5 gallons of water.
You can personalize these tubs to make them a one of a kind gift, or to add your own special touch to all the events you host! My husband was quite impressed with the quality of this beer tub and has proudly used it and shown it off to his friends several times now.
Retailing at about $85, this beer tub from The New York Times is an investment in your social gatherings and it sure looks nicer and is more convenient than having a cooler that becomes a seat at the party! To learn more or to explore the personalization options of the Beer Tub, connect with The New York Times store or on facebook.
 A little birdie chirped in my ear that you can save 15% on your order by joining the email list on site, check the very bottom of the page!

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