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Bed Buddy Warming Bear

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Carex’s Bed Buddy Warming Bear will not only provide snuggly comfort & companionship but will also add warmth to cold winter nights.

Bed Buddy Warming Bear


The Bed Buddy Warming Bear was designed with 100% natural grains in his belly, feet and hands. He can be used cold or hot to provide soothing comfort to an ear or tooth ache, or to keep you warm through those cool nights. A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments.

  • Doctor Recommended moist heat
  • Buddy is designed to provide Hot & Cold Therapy in his belly, hands and feet.
  • Ideal for tooth aches, ear aches, arthritis, and aches and pains
  • Filled with 100% natural grains
  • Easy and safe, use as directed

Bed Buddy Warming Bear

My Thoughts:

I was lucky to be able to try this bear for my daughter. She began having frequent ear aches a few years ago, and thus seemed to really help her. She will sleep with it all the time. She uses it on her ears when they are hurting and also just as a cuddle buddy when it’s cold out. This really is a great product and I would recommend giving a try if you have children.

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