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Beauty Products with CBD – Are they any good?

There has been rising demand for beauty products made with natural ingredients and if you take time to visit recommended dispensaries near me as informed by your device, you’ll confirm that this is so. It is said that the skin on your face says so much about you before you utter a single word, and we’d all like it to be telling positive stories. Most people are testament to having experienced acne in their teenage years with some transitioning successfully into adulthood with unproblematic skin while others have only known frustrations since then.

The surge in lifestyle diseases in recent times have witnessed an evident inclination of individuals worldwide to be more plant based and what is considered generally natural. While at first this statement may be interpreted to mean just food choices, it actually includes beauty choices, and these are the products that you purchase from dispensaries for daily topical use on your skin.


The beauty industry is known to be one of the most dynamic industries. There is always something new that has been created that works so much better than the last one for the same problem. It leaves you as a client spoilt for choice and sometimes unable to differentiate between great marketing tactics and genuine benefits derived from the use of certain pro-active ingredients in your product of choice.

We have witnessed huge milestones that have taken place recently and have brought about notable differences in the way society operates, and one such event was the legalization of cannabis, thereby making it more accessible. With it, came the discovery of certain compounds within it such as Cannabidiol (CBD) that have been lauded to contain a myriad of properties that are deemed to be beneficial for the skin.

Today, we’d like to take a deep dive into CBD infused beauty products, the good and the bad, and really dissect into this subject matter to see why there’s so much hype around it. Is it worth the hype or is it just a passing fad that you’re better off not trying out at all?

How to Pick the Best CBD Beauty Product in Dispensaries Near me

Before we get into the properties that make CBD so attractive in the beauty industry, let’s look at the most basic factors that you should consider before purchasing any product with CBD in it.

1.   Ensure that the product is manufactured by a company that provides proof of third-party testing

2.   Confirm that the hemp that was used to extract the CBD is grown within the U.S as this assures you that the quality is guaranteed.

3.   Ensure that the labeling indicates that there is no more than 0.3 % THC and is backed up by the certificate of analysis. CBD is non-intoxicating while THC is responsible for the high that people experience. You want to make sure that the product contains only the recommended percentage.

4.   That it indicates that the extraction process was free of pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, you want to ensure that you’re using unadulterated CBD.

Now that you’ve got that out of the way, let’s look deeper into the reasons why you’d be investing in CBD infused products in the first place.

1.   It has been seen to have the potential to improve collagen production in the body. Collagen is of such importance to the vitality of our skin that its natural decline in our bodies leads to adverse effects experienced on our skins. CBD is seen as literal magic because of its ability to support the production of the most abundant protein in our bodies

2.   It is a natural analgesic. Its pain relieving effects are said to be powerful.

3.   It is said to be anti-inflammatory. Having a high potential of reducing redness on the skin that may be the cause of a myriad of various skin conditions. This is probably why CBD is a buzz in the beauty industry at the moment.

4.   Protection against free radicals by employing its antioxidant properties.

5.   It contains omega fatty acids which help in hydrating your skin, balancing oil production, and minimizing signs of aging and inevitably, bringing about that coveted glow.

Types of CBD Beauty Products in Seattle Dispensaries

Lotions, creams, salves and balms, all you can find in your Seattle Dispensaries – These products listed here are essentially topical in nature and are applied directly on to the skin to achieve a specific intention. When infused with CBD, beauty brands tap into the anti-inflammatory, collagen enablement production, analgesic and hydrating properties that CBD boasts of. If you’re looking to reverse aging effects, reduce redness caused by a particular skin condition, there are several topical beauty brands that have already thought of your situation and produced a product that can be found at a dispensary of your choosing.

Bath Bombs – A bath bomb usually contains hydrating oils, emollients as well as citric acid which is what fizzes up once in contact with water. When a person is immersed in a tub that contains a bath bomb they get to experience the benefits of it all without even rubbing it on themselves. Damaged skill will be loosened up and moisturized at the same time. CBD bath bombs replace ordinary essential oils with CBD oil which uses its analgesic properties to soothe pains, ease muscle aches and allow an individual to experience all the benefits of a regular bath bomb with heightened relaxation.

Masks- Usually, masks are used to increase hydration and leave skin feeling moisturized and glowing. CBD infused masks double up on this quality because they tap into their hydrating properties of omega fatty acids and help balance out oil production on your face, whilst also delivering intensive hydration and being that CBD also boosts collagen production, they leave the facial skin firmer and with all that happening in one product, it’s no surprise that the skin will automatically glow.

Hair Care- Healthy hair is described as smooth and hydrated, might I even say shiny. The wonders that CBD beauty product on your face is equally replicated in your hair because the moisturizing and hydrating effect is a given, the only change is the product in which it’s being incorporated in. Brittle, dry and dull hair are some of the terms used to describe the conditions which CBD can help turn around.

Whilst the producers make it evident that CBD has been incorporated as an active ingredient in these products, they are also quite keen to remind you that the previously beloved natural ingredients that you had been looking for while shopping for the items have not been removed. They have simply boosted the effectiveness by incorporating a super ingredient which is clean and natural to help you achieve results faster.


Why is CBD considered so highly in relation to other ingredients you may ask, let’s explore that. Our body has this meta-system known as the endocannabinoid system. It’s considered a super system because it integrates with all the other eleven systems in our bodies and acts as a regulator that endeavors to keep your body at a state of equilibrium.

To be able to perform its functions effectively, this system is assisted by messengers known as endocannabinoids that attach themselves to receptors from the various of the problematic areas in your body and this then allows the system to initiate a chemical process that restores everything and brings back the equilibrium that had previously been altered.

CBD mimics the messengers and is thus able to work in the same way and attach itself to the receptors therefore giving your meta-system a boost. What this translates to is that, now there are more hands on deck and what would have regularly taken a longer period is significantly reduced and the results are achieved faster. If the imbalance had been from the skin, desired results are gotten quicker.

The icing on the cake on CBD beauty products is that they get to interact topically with your skin or even hair. Unlike other instances where CBD is ingested it gets an opportunity to go directly to the bloodstream where it can be distributed to any part of the body and help offer relief where needed. The CBD infused beauty products are unable to get into your bloodstream and are thus confined to the area in which they are being used. This is absolutely advantageous and beneficial in the sense that whatever problem was being experienced through the topical application of that CBD product will be highly targeted by the receptor situated in that local area. That is because there is a sudden surge of endocannabinoids and the system has to provide that targeted relief as it is being informed by its numerous messengers.

Top Rated CBD Beauty Products to find in Dispensaries

To give you a realistic picture of CBD beauty products in the market, I have handpicked the top rated items that have wonderful reviews to show you just how much benefit can be derived from their use. Guaranteed there are a lot more options that you can indulge yourself in, but if you didn’t know where to start, the options below may serve you well.

Blueberry Kush CBD Body Lotion

As mentioned before, manufacturers simply added on CBD as an extra ingredient, to the already effective natural ingredient that had been there before. The blueberry oil in this product has a sole purpose of ensuring maximum hydration and that the skin stays supple and moisturized. The CBD comes in to offer its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to ensure that when used, this lotion will provide protection from free radicals and irritation in addition to making the skin moisturized. It is recommended for daily use.

Kana Lavender Sleeping Mask

This mask has lavender oil as one of its main active ingredients with the purpose of improving the formation of scar tissue it is backed up by Phytocannabinoid, a broad spectrum extract derived from hemp and this particular ingredient promotes regeneration of skin as it contains fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. If you look at it critically, you can see that phytocannabinoid is there to support the work that the lavender oil is trying to accomplish.

Tribetokes CBD Hemp Infused Eye Cream

This eye cream has been spotlighted by Rolling stone, so you know that it must be really good at its job. It has a variety of incredible ingredients such as arnica, cocoa butter, aloe and avocado but that X factor is offered by the 100mg of CBD that it has that helps with inflammation, redness and puffiness.

Cannuka CBD Cleansing Body Bar

The main active ingredients in this body bar are Mannuka honey and CBD and thus the name Cannuka. Honey has been known for centuries for its moisturizing properties and its ability to help someone achieve supple skin. It absolutely makes sense to create a soap with it as one of the main ingredients. Imagine the wonderful additional benefits of soothing and calming the skin that are derived upon the addition of CBD as an ingredient. An absolute treasure.

CBD for Life Pure CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

This particular product has 4.9 stars’ review and that alone should indicate how effective the product is in its function. It combines 100 mg of phytonutrient-rich CBD, essential oils as well as active botanicals to replenish moisture and reduce the visibility of damage caused by heat styling and everyday environmental exposures. We already established the presence of omega fatty acids in CBD and are therefore assured that this product delivers exactly that which it promises to its clients.

These five absolutely stood out but the list is endless and believe me when I say that you are spoilt for choice on whatever product it is that you may want to try out.

Having gone through the entire journey of learning what CBD is, its properties, the basic factors to be considered, the forms in which it comes in in the beauty industry, how it actually works and some notable famous examples of CBD beauty products, I am certain that this information suffices to advise you on the good and bad of using CBD beauty products.

It’s clean and natural and helps a great deal in avoiding synthetic chemicals on your body. Are they good? I’ll let you decide; I did my part.