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Beautiful Rose Gold Foil Wedding Invitations That Your Guests Will Love

What do guests love?    

Themes to Look Into  

The invitation that you are going to send out is going to give an idea about the theme of the wedding. A wedding invite is the face of the wedding. So you would want that the wedding invite is more personal than something printed over a piece of paper. 

There are several modern themes that can make your wedding card look beautiful. 

  • Linen and leather: An idea that is perfect for a garden party is linen and leather. These invitations go perfect with dried flowers and provide an elegance to the card that the guests love to receive. Letter-pressed invitations are something that everyone has been looking forward to ever since the wedding season started. 
  • Rose gold and foil: In my opinion, you can never go wrong with rose gold foil wedding invitations. The colors are subtle and match any theme and any color scheme. Rose gold is a color that people will not get tired of for years to come. 
  • Creativity and Uniqueness: Making wedding invitations more creative and unique is the first step to making your wedding special. Custom die cut stickers become a new trend to make the cards more elegant and unique. The stickers can be designed with the wedding date, names of the couple, etc. You can stick them on the invitations and give them out to your guests before the wedding.
  • Inspire outdoors: Who doesn’t love being close to nature. If you are a person who is close to nature and loves spending time outdoors then adding a hint of it to your wedding cards is just going to make it more special and unique. 

Think outside of the box and from a perspective that people will love. It’s better to be on the safe side than to take the risk about such a big event in your life. Your wedding cards will always be the best memory in your life so spending time designing it will make everything worthwhile.