Battle Scents with GuruNanda Natural Mist
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Battle Scents with GuruNanda Natural Mist

I have four kids and watch one. Two of those kids are in diapers and two of them play sports. One has VERY feat! So to say I am constantly battling bad scents of a wide variety is an understatement! GuruNanda has been a huge help! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!



The GuruNanda Natural Mist Plug-In Diffuser is the most natural and ethical way to diffuse pure essential oils around you and experience nature at home.

What you will get:

1 USB Wall Plug-In Diffuser

1 USB Wall Adaptor

1 User Manual

My Thoughts:

GuruNanda Natural Mist is so simple to use! It simply plugs right into the wall, disseminating refreshing, natural and therapeutic mist into the air directly from the bottle, with no need for water.  The beauty behind this is it can be used for multiply things. Like I mentioned above its good to help battle stinky odors but it also helps with some other issues. I have found certain oils help my headaches go, some help me feel more calm, and so many other things. Oils can be used for a lot of things! My current oil of choice is lemon! What is your favorite oil to use?

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