Barron’s Educational Series: A Book For Everyone

Who doesn’t love to read? I am always looking at books and trying to find new ones. Ones that my children would love but they are educational at the same time. Books that are fun or useful for me to read. At Barron’s there is a book for everyone. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.
Barron’s is a very organized site. It was easy for me to find books int the topics that I was interested in. What was great that they weren’t that costly. I was able to get books for both me and my kids at a great price. I received several books from Barron’s. 
One of my favorite and my kids favorite books are the eyePad series. These eyePads are activity books that are educational and fun for the kids. And as their name says they look like IPad. My kids really enjoyed these. I received the 123, Shapes & Size, Animal Faces, Games & Puzzle, Fun With Time, and ABC activity pads. My daughters favorite is the shapes and size. My son however would say the best is the animal faces. To me they are all great. 
For Christmas two years ago I had gotten a sewing machine. I love using it, but I struggle over allot of the patterns. I have no clue how to read them. I tried Google it but never had any help. Barron’s had a book called “How to Use, Adapt, and Design Sewing Patterns.” This book is for every person that has a sewing machines. It explained things in ways I could understand. I hope to make a dress for my daughter’s birthday party. I never thought I would be able to, but with this book I can. 
Outside the sewing book I received two more books for myself. I received “Painless Grammar” and “Quick Check Food Facts.” I am not the greatest writer but really enjoying doing it. The “Painless Grammar” really helps me out in that way. If you read any of my other posts you know I am trying to loose weight. “Quick Check Food Facts” helps me out allot with loosing weight. It’s small were I can carry it around and it’s easy to navigate. 
Outside the eyePad my kids also got “Let’s Lace” and “Sophie’s Ballet Show.” “Let’s Lace,” is a great book that helps them learn how to tie and lace their shoes. It comes with strings were they can actually practice lacing and tie shoes. “Sophie’s Ballet Show,” is now one of my daughters favorite books. I have to read it every night. As the title stats it’s about Sophie and her Ballet Show. What attracts my daughter to this book is it’s a pop up book that has pull tabs and wheels where you can make Sophie spin. I love this book because it encourages her to read and enjoy books. 
In my opinion Barron’s is the best place to get books.  There are several reasons why. You can find several books that fit both your kids and you without evening leaving home. Not only do they offer books that are educational but they also offer books that are enjoyable to read. Barron’s is the one stop shop for books!