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Bare Fruit Snacks

It’s been a month since I started down the healthy living path. It has gotten real hard for me. I am stay at home mom so I have food right there always in hand reach. I get the munchies. It was a huge problem until I found Bare Fruit.


Bare fruit snacks are a hundred percent organic snack. They are bake-dried. I received their Cinnamon Apple Chips.  There are 30 apples in each bag. The apples are also grown in Washington State. I love fried food because of the crunch. I love things that have the crunch taste. I am also not a huge fan of fruit. Trying to be healthier means I have to give up the fried food and eat more fruit. With Bare Fruit I can do that and it not be so bad. Bare fruit taste great and they have that crunch texture that I like. Plus its fruit! It’s a win-win! My son is extremely picky eater. In fact one doctor say he has a phobia of certain textures so much that he will get sick when he eats. Guess what texture he likes? Yep, the crunchy kind. It’s a battle to get him to eat fruit because to him they feel gooey. He will eat Bare Fruit without a battle. In fact when he gets home hew will ask me for them.


Bare Fruit was a huge hit for this house. It helps me stay on my healthy path and plus my son will eat fruit now without a fight! If you are looking for the perfect healthy snack for your house and something your kid will eat this is defiantly something you need.

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