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Balancing Law School and Motherhood

Law school is hard and being a mother is not easy.  Managing the two simultaneously is even more difficult. It is not impossible, however. Some moms have made it through law school while nursing babies. To balance the two duties, you need commitment, confidence, interest, and intelligence. If other mothers, some of which might be single mothers, have managed to pursue law school, then it is possible for you to do. However, it is worth noting that it’s not easy to balance the two. In fact, some moms have resolved to drop out of law school so they can be fully dedicated to motherhood. It is challenging. So, you must take time to decide and commit to the process, even before you begin your law school applications.

Here are some fundamental questions to ask yourself when deciding if this is the right career path for you:

  1. Can you commit fully to your LSAT test prep and treat it as if it is a law school course? Try to balance your studying with motherhood. See how realistic this is. It will be a good measure for law school, if you do decide to pursue it.
  2. Can you fund the program? Do have money for school, scholarship opportunities, or have you applied for student loans?
  3. What is the source of your drive? Is it pressure from friends or it’s intrinsic motivation? Be honest with yourself at this point. This is going to be extremely difficult, so you have to really want it.
  4. Will you remain rooted in the cause? Will you keep the long-term goal in mind, in order to persevere through the tough times?


Those are four crucial question which must be answered genuinely by moms before committing to pursuing law school. After answering those questions, we can now look at some of the challenges that mothers face in law school.


Challenges of being a mother in law school

  1. You have to sacrifice. Sometimes duties will overlap. You have to learn to use your time wisely, and give priority where it is needed.
  2. The inflexible education system. The system won’t treat you as a mom, and therefore motherhood may be compromised.
  3. Mental and physical strain. The multiple tasks undertaken will strain you physically and mentally leading to fatigue at the end of the day. Do all you can to stay balanced and avoid burnout.
  4. The sense of guilt. Many women are afflicted with feelings of guilt about neglecting their children at the expense of a career.


That said, there are immeasurable benefits of pursuing law as a mom. Examined objectively, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Here is why.

  1. Law school helps raise your antennae of networks as a mom; you will most likely meet with people who can nurture your dream and vision. You may even meet professional women who were once in your shoes and can offer advice.
  2. International opportunities. With a JD degree you can work as a lawyer anywhere in the world so you will have a chance to travel and see the world.
  3. You will become an expert in time management and multitasking, and therefore you end up finding the best way of doing things and managing your life.
  4. When you feel like giving up, you have your children to challenge you and help cheer you up. Your law degree and future career should enable you to contribute immensely to your children.


After having read all that the choice is yours. If you considered joining law, I would encourage you to go ahead. Do not listen to naysayers. I firmly believe that being a mom in law school is not a curse but a blessing. The experience will make you a better mother. If you encounter challenges in law school, strive to reach the finish line. Once you reach the finish line, your children will reap the benefit of the decision you made.

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