Baby Shower Gift Guide #WOMRHG2020
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Baby Shower Gift Guide #WOMRHG2020

baby shower

Going to a baby shower this weekend? No idea what to get? No worries I have the perfect gift for that baby shower for you! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Baby Shower

 A wonderful baby shower or welcome-home gift, this grey guy is a whimsical addition to the family. Babies and toddlers will fall in love with elephant’s long nose, floppy ears and twotoned soft torso.

Big Simply Hippo in Tube Hip, hip hooray for Nuby the Hippo. He arrives a bit disheveled with one X eye and two different colored ears but that’s what makes him wacky! Kids just think he’s loveable.

This fun bright colored silicone teether with pacifinder by Nuby is a perfect gift for a baby shower! The Extra soft silicone teether is perfect for the little teething babies and the pacifinder clip keeps baby’s pacifier secure and sanitary. The Yogi Teether is perfect for little hands to grab and handle easier.  The teething rings are soft and full of different textures that will keep the little ones wondering and exploring for along time!

Nuby’s Silicone Breast Pump is a easy-to-Use manual design. Great for pumping on the go. This is perfect for every on the go mom out there! 

With a contrasting palette that represents earth, fire and water, this motif is well-suited for anyone who is comfortable making a bold, colorful statement. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, the luxury and comfort of a Denali blanket can be felt in every fiber

Car Seat Cuties stretch easily over your infant car seat for a blanket-style covering that keeps baby warm & looking super cute.

baby shower

This is the perfect gift for new and expecting moms, as well as older siblings who have a baby at home! There’s nothing more sentimental than to remember pregnancy and baby’s milestone’s each month. Just simply write the day, month or holiday and take a picture with these Baby Chalkboard Shoes. The shoes come in a kit which includes one pair of shoes, one white liquid chalk marker, and we are now including a free 8-pack assorted colors marker set!

baby shower

The Ollie Swaddle was invented by Hindi Zeidman whose foster baby, Oliver, was not sleeping or thriving.  This special swaddle changed all that.  The Ollie Swaddle is the ultra-soft swaddle proven to help babies sleep longer and better with its patented moisture wicking fabric to regulate baby’s temperature, preventing the risk of overheating, and opening at bottom for diaper changes. It will grow with your baby as the velcro tabs allow parents to adjust the fit as baby grows. It keeps babies safe and comfortable for important napping and a good night’s sleep, reducing the startle reflex and enhancing your little one’s neuro development.

baby shower

Dailies: The Smarter Bodysuits from the Makers of the Award Winning Ollie Swaddle

Dailies made by the Ollie World, creators of the award winning Ollie Swaddle, go a step further from the standard cotton bodysuit by bringing science into the mix.

A baby’s body isn’t yet set up to regulate temperature perfectly and their small size means that they can quickly become overheated. The exceptionally soft, custom patented moisture-wicking fabric in the new Dailies brings moisture away from the skin and through to the top of the fabric where it evaporates, leaving the skin dry and baby cool and comfy and reducing the risk of overheating. It also helps reduce rashes and skin irritations.

baby shower

Unlike general pain relievers or anesthetics that numb pain, Camilia consists of homeopathic medicines traditionally used for baby teething relief. The targeted action does not numb the baby’s gag reflex or interfere with nursing. Camilia won’t mask important symptoms that could lead to an early diagnosis of a more serious condition. Recommended for babies 1 month of age and older, Camilia is available over the counter in boxes of 15 and 30 pre-measured liquid doses. Boiron’s baby line of liquid doses includes ColdCalm® and ColicComfort®. (

baby shower

Nuby™ Thirsty Kids™ – Active is perfect for thirsty kids on the go.  The hygienic cap keeps straw clean when closed. The silicone band is perfect for easy gripping. The No-Spill™ when the cap is closed is just what every mom looks for.

These thirteen gifts are the perfect gift for that baby shower that you have to go to this weekend. Or for that special new momma and little one in your life! They don’t break your wallet and will keep both the mom and baby happy.
Be sure to check out our Kids Gift Guide to get ideas for the bigger kids!

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