B Hyve
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B Hyve

This summer seems to be hotter and drier than any other summer in my memory, and it is doing a number on my lawn! The grass longs for a nice rainshower to come along and it has been turning brown as it waits. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Watering the grass would be a great solution, but with 4 very busy kids, and all of the activities to usher them to, there isn’t a lot of time to tend to that problem. Luckily for my lawn and my family there is a great solution that is keeping my lawn looking great and regularly watered.

B Hyve is a wifi timer that turns your faucet into a smart watering solution that can be controlled from anywhere at anytime via wireless device!

If your lawn is important to you, you are going to want to know all about this easy to use solution for lawn care on the go. B Hyve monitors the weather forecast, can be set to a detailed schedule and allows for multiple users to take the fuss out of lawn care for really busy families.

I have been impressed with the long battery life as well as the ability to monitor the flow of water to my lawn from my outdoor faucet and device. I love that when it rains, this cool smart watering solution will delay the schedule for watering on its own! How smart is that!

This makes for a unique gift for the lawn care enthusiast in your life. It helps keep the grass looking lusher, greener and well maintained, no matter what your schedule is like.

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