Arm & Hammer Foot Spray
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Arm & Hammer Foot Spray

Sports and shoes stink. No, I mean like really, they smell bad. I love Arm & Hammer for so many reasons. Doesn’t everything just seem fresher! The ARM&HAMMER™ Invisible Foot Spray Powder works wonderful at helping keep the stink at bay.  Talc powder and other white chalky stuff has been around forever to help with this problem.  But ew. This is a sponsored post, but like always the thoughts and stories are my own.

Arm&Hammer does not use that.  But it does use the power of the wonderful Arm&Hammer backing soda! I love that stuff for everything.  The foot spray is easy to use and works great.  Nothing gets all sticky or chalky. One could really use this everyday and it will help with the foot stink from sports and the pain that can cause!

Arm&Hammer also has you covered if your shoes already stink! ARM&HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray.  This!  I have tried other things but most of the time I cannot get the spray deep into the shoe, this sprays Inside the shoe and the can is upside down so I am not doing some crazy act trying to get the spray where I want it.  And once again Arm&Hammer has the power to de-stink without just covering something up with a flower smell. It works at taking the smell out of gym shoes.

Kids’ feet stink! Not to mention the husband’s!  This stuff doesn’t mess up the shoes, doesn’t just cover the smells with other smells (although it does smell good!), and it’s Arm&Hammer. Right now the whole Invisible foot care line is available at Walmart, and well worth it as the kids go back to gym.

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