Apex Protein Sticks
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Apex Protein Sticks

Being a Mom always on the go, I am always looking for filling snacks that are packed full of protein and taste good. With Apex Protein Sticks I get just that, a healthy filling snack that tastes great. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Guidelines.

About Apex Protein Sticks:

Featuring high protein levels expected out of a snack stick, made with wild game meats, no filler ingredients, and zero sugar, Apex BackCountry Sticks are truly fit for adventure! Conveniently packaged in individual units, Apex BackCountry Sticks are the ultimate portable protein snack!

9g-11g protein
0g-3g sugar
90-105 calories
Less than half the ingredients of most snack sticks
Zero fillers

My Thoughts:

I love these and I really love that they are only 90 calories per stick and contain 11G of Protein. They even taste amazing, I absolutely love the Kansas City BBQ Flavor. When you order from Apex Protein Sticks, you get a box containing 12 individually wrapped Sticks that are easy to grab and take with you. I love that they are individually wrapped because that allows me to grab a few sticks, throw them in my bag and go without having to worry about putting them in a Ziploc bag or something else.

These are great for kids also, think of all the running around they do these days between school, sports, and social events. Having these sticks handy is so much better than stopping for a greasy or sugary snack and it will give them energy. My Sons play baseball and my Daughter plays Volleyball and they love having these before and after practices. It helps give them a little something to fill them up until mealtime and they are easy to snack on during break times. If you are looking to add a healthy fun snack to your pantry then I highly suggest giving these a try.

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