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Angelina Ballerina Mousical Medleys

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With musicals, dance-a-thons, parades and more, there’s always a reason for Angelina to enjoy the spotlight! See what happens when the mouselings’ plans to welcome the stars of Mousical the Musical are ruined…or are they?  Watch as Gracie puts the dance-a-thon in jeopardy when she becomes an enthusiastic recycler.  Get in on the fun when Viki finds her inner artist in dance but with lots of paint!  Join Angelina and her friends as they take center stage and enjoy the show!


·        “Angelina and the Musical Theater”

·        “Angelina and the Art Show”

·        “Angelina’s Camembert Parade”

·        “Angelina and the Dance-a-Thon”

·        “Angelina’s Opera”


·        “Dancing Star” Memory Game

·        “Front Row Seats” Karaoke Music Video

My Thoughts: 

What little girl doesn’t love dancing? Zoey O is all about getting up and dance. She LOVED this DVD. She enjoyed trying to dance a long with Angelina during all the Medleys. If your little one loves dancing then she will want to dance along with Angelina and all these lovely Medleys. Be sure to watch Dance-a-Thon. It was Zoey O’s favorite!!


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